• New Gwendoline Riley novel "Opposed Positions" features Morrissey

    An anonymous person writes:

    In this Observer interview from last weekend, Gwendoline Riley is described as a die hard Morrissey fan, and lo and behold, about halfway into this new book the heroine goes to a Moz concert!

    Gwendoline Riley: 'The buck stops here… I've got bad blood' - The Observer
    Novelist Gwendoline Riley talks about her obsessive need to write, and why she'll never have children

    UPDATE Aug. 5:

    Link with image of Gwendoline in a "Kill Uncle" tour t-shirt posted by Hermes:

    Q&A / BOOKS: GWENDOLINE RILEY - Dazed Digital

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    1. Hermes's Avatar
      Hermes -
      She is a babe.
    1. CrystalGeezer's Avatar
      CrystalGeezer -
      Quote Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
      She is a babe.
      She is! Smart and sexy. I'm sure Morrissey could be featured in lamer works of fiction.

    1. Stupot's Avatar
      Stupot -
      And there's more....At the back of this month's Dazed and Confused, a quite entertaining interview and pic of her in a Kill Uncle shirt if I'm not mistaken. In the novel she goes to a Morrissey gig in Indianapolis and climbs on stage. No further interaction.
    1. goinghome's Avatar
      goinghome -
      I missed this before. Interesting, must look out for the book.
    1. Thesmithsmorrissey's Avatar
      Thesmithsmorrissey -
      I've read her short story collection; it was decent. I'll check this one out too, if only because there's Morrissey stuff in it

      and she's from England, so until there's a picture of her smiling and I can see her teeth, I'm holding out on the "she's a babe" bandwagon.
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      Thesmithsmorrissey -
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      She has that kinky "fairie-like quality" thing going for her

      which means I'd let her do me, bad teeth and all.
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      Thesmithsmorrissey -
      Tough crowd

      when this place is dead it's fucking DEAD.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Thesmithsmorrissey View Post
      Tough crowd

      when this place is dead it's fucking DEAD.
      Here is a link to her teef:


    1. Thesmithsmorrissey's Avatar
      Thesmithsmorrissey -

      She's fire. Got the dracula teef thing going, from the looks of it. Fine by me. Go ahead and bite, sweet thing
    1. Guernie's Avatar
      Guernie -
      You are a wicked one Thesmithsmorrissey ! Hee hee
    1. Hermes's Avatar
      Hermes -
      I'm in love.

    1. Oh my god, it's Robby!'s Avatar
      Oh my god, it's Robby! -
      never heard of her til this thread, but yeah, read that interview and I would like to read her stuff now
    1. Worm's Avatar
      Worm -
      "Dazed & Confused: Are you apprehensive about the future of literary fiction in the changing world of book sales?
      Gwendoline Riley: I feel confident in saying there is no future for literary fiction! anyone who disagrees with that is some kind of mad-eyed proselytiser, to be avoided at parties."

      (a) LOL and (b) sigh...
    1. Qvist's Avatar
      Qvist -
      I just bought it (bless you, Kindle), and look forward not just to starting it, but also to have a good excuse to put down Rebecca Goldstein's 36 Arguments for the existence of God, which, considered as a piece of literature rather than a work of ideas, is just drab and dead. It probably wasn't a good choice to follow Edward St. Aubyn's magnificent At Last, which put its shortcomings into painful relief. Now there's a book to recommend.

      Good New Yorker review: http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critic...rbo_books_wood

      Wodehouse from hell, or Waugh with a vengeance. But ultimately both more human, vulnerable and life-affirming than either of them.
    1. Vicarinacoma's Avatar
      Vicarinacoma -
      Quote Originally Posted by CrystalGeezer View Post
      She is! Smart and sexy. I'm sure Morrissey could be featured in lamer works of fiction.

      OOH! De profudis!
    1. Anonymous's Avatar
      Anonymous -

      Old interview from Helen.
    1. Qvist's Avatar
      Qvist -
      Just finished it. It does have a Morrisseyish tinge to it, revolving as it does around a northern writer who just seems hopelessly disconnected from meaningful human relationships and unable on a nearly constitutional level of building some sort of stable life. Drinks rather too much, has a monstrous dad and a difficult mum with an absurd new husband. There's a strong sense of being lost, a tamed sense of anger that finds expression in laconic language and quite a lot of acerbic observation. I didnot take to it strongly - I find myself not caring much about the characters generally, and the main C remains shadowy and elusive. It just doesn't really come together - feels flimsy, somehow. Oh well. T

      But the 2 pages or so devoted to Morrissey are wonderful, at least.