• Morrissey featured on Black Arts PR roster of current clients

    Viva Hate (Remastered) writes:

    For those who care about little things like this, apparently all current UK Morrissey press releases are handled by Black Arts PR...


    Aren't they doing a swell job advertising this reissue?

    Also featured is a nice large picture of the new Viva Hate sleeve art...
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    1. nothappynotsad's Avatar
      nothappynotsad -
      Apparently David Lynch is also amongst their celebrity clientele.
    1. CrystalGeezer's Avatar
      CrystalGeezer -
      So I guess nobody's going to give a shit that the place I'm housesitting and often sit has a Black Star Cyn sign in front of it?

      Bahhhh, I wouldn't give a shit if I were you either. Crazy talk! Let the crazy lady yammer on, nobody cares. Mehhhhhhhhh

    1. nothappynotsad's Avatar
      nothappynotsad -
      The universe works in mysterious ways. You're just tuned into it enough to pick up on these things, I think.
    1. CrystalGeezer's Avatar
      CrystalGeezer -
      And ANOTHER THING...*hic*

      I'm gonna touch that man's wiener some day, I jus know it. *hic*
    1. Viva Hate (Remastered)'s Avatar
      Viva Hate (Remastered) -
      You know, real drunk people don't usually have the foresight or comprehension to insert hiccup notations in their posts on the internet...just saying.