• Sun: Morrissey wades into Falklands row

    Morrissey wades into Falklands row - The Sun

    SINGER Morrissey has waded into the Falklands feud declaring to his fans in Argentina that the Islands belong to them.

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      Says everything about scottish football that you have to call an argentinian your footballer of the year. Also shows how shit scotland are that they care more for England losing, than they do about winning themselves. That's probably because a win for these chumps is rarer than a reel around the fountain test pressing.
      Ha, ha, these days Scotland is like a England B team. About six of their players are English!

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      Totally disillusioned long time fan here. I bunked off school to buy Boxers on the day it came out - ditto Maladjusted. Supported him through the fallow years when no-one cared. 99 and 02 tours most dates

      I'm well used to him stirring the pot but I thought his comments after the Norway massacre disgusted me, and this is the final straw.

      Morrissey you have turned into a bitter middle aged man, what a shame
      Oh dear Morrissey, you are turning even your most hardened fans against you. I too feel pretty much the same as above. The only fans you will be left with will be the delusional sycophants who somehow think you can never do wrong. Your anti establishment stance is wearing pretty thin now, because you never have a decent arguement to back up the nonsense you spout. Even Johnny Rotten can't be arsed with anarchy these days. Get a grip, or risk being remembered for your bizzare business decisions and attention seeking rants, instead of the brilliance you gave us when you made us dance our legs down to the knees.

      The wolvo kid.

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