• Johnny Marr spotted at the Oscars

    An anonymous person writes:

    Saw Johnny Marr on the pre-Oscar Red carpet.

    Marr worked on "Inception", nominated for "Best Original Score".

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    1. gretchenraine's Avatar
      gretchenraine -
      We have been tweeting with the hashtag #marrovertharr all Johnny Marr sitings on tv tonight (with his approval, btw). Johnny was clearly seen on E! Network speaking to Russell Brand on the red carpet behind Ryan Seacrest and the person Ryan was interviewing. We've also seen him a few times in his seat there. He had hinted he would be tweeting from there, but hasn't yet.
    1. x16clumznshy's Avatar
      x16clumznshy -
    1. Amy's Avatar
      Amy -
      Looking dapper, Johnny!
    1. joe frady's Avatar
      joe frady -
      Quote Originally Posted by x16clumznshy View Post
      "Some say he's black / I say he's bonny / He's the man I love / My handsome, winsome Johnny "
    1. klaus's Avatar
      klaus -
      love how his hair stays so black! must not be as stressed as morrissey. oh well.
    1. chris's Avatar
      chris -
      the only time johnny marr gets stressed is when the shops run out of black hair dye.
    1. hand in glove's Avatar
      hand in glove -
      He's so handsome!!! I saw him last night, too, and was hoping to get a better shot of him. Glad this was posted!
    1. Anonymous's Avatar
      Anonymous -
      his neck is sagging ...the moron that thinks his hair stays black naturally must not have heard of hair dye..it was invented a while back....duh