• "The Artwork of the Smiths in Pictures" - The Guardian

    From the Guardian today, The artwork of the Smiths in pictures.

    Fans of the Smiths were given an additional invitation to the inner workings of Morrissey's mind via the artwork that accompanied the band's music, which featured figures from Elvis to Yootha Joyce and encapsulated the humour and tragedy of the band's lyrics.

    The Smiths Poster Exhibition, taking place at BarcelonaNQ in Manchester until 31 August, is lifted from the personal stash of Smiths obsessive Marc Capella. Here's a selection of the most famous pieces.
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    1. realitybites's Avatar
      realitybites -
      I posted this last week and it got moved into the events section. Now it it magically back at the to of the General Discussion forum, as if I posted it today. Too funny.

      Anyhow, the posters are wonderful. Wish I could see them in person.
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