• BBC Horrible Histories (UK Kid's TV) Song - Charles Dickens in the style of The Smiths

    BBC’s Horrible Histories Series 5 Episode 3 Charles Dickens sings his life (iPlayer, start at 11:30)

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      Anonymous -
      I know nothing about this program, but the creators definitely have captured the essence of the Smiths, from Morrissey's voice and movements to the jangly guitar sections. I enjoy Dickens, and I love Morrissey, so this is just amusing to watch. I agree with HTRTC, this type of creative and dynamic presentation would have made school so much more appealing to some of us; but, there would also have been those obnoxious students who would have ridiculed the teacher who tried to do something like this, sending the poor dejected soul running for a mind-numbing cubicle job.

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      Herculano -
      Portuguese version for "Action is My Middle Name"

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      Meet the Black Country man behind the Horrible Histories songs - birminghammail.co.uk

      There’s the rock anthem Alexander The Great Song, the Aretha Franklin-esque Rosa Parks Equality Song and the Charles Dickens Song, which bears more than a passing resemblance to the The Smiths.

      Cast member Mathew Baynton, who plays Dickens, said, of the Smiths soundalike song: “I couldn’t believe it when they played me this.

      “The guitar is pure Johnny Marr! But it’s all Richie. He’s an extraordinary talent.”

      Richie, a former Wolverhampton Grammar School pupil who is now based in Warwickshire, writes all the music for the tunes and plays every instrument.

      “Maybe those ten years in my bedroom playing guitar on my own have finally paid off,” Richie laughed. “You could say, ‘Which child has heard of Morrissey?’

      “But maybe, as well as giving them a lesson in British or American history, there’s a little history of pop as well.

      “Mum and dad will say, that sounds like a bit like The Smiths. Together they’ll go to YouTube and a little child will get turned on to music of the 1980s.”

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    1. markem41's Avatar
      markem41 -
      I've just noticed that in 'Dombey & Son' by Charles Dickens :

      - There is a character called Susan referred to as 'the black-eyed one'.
      - The missing ship is called 'The Son and Heir'.
      - The word 'charming' appears 30 times.
      - Major Bagstock: '
      'Cleopatra commands...and Antony Bagstock obeys.'
      - Florence : '
      it would indeed be better to go back to the old house, and live again within the shadow of its dull walls, undisturbed.'

      But I bet you knew that already!

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