• "Bona Drag" referenced in the song "Pink Rabbits" on new LP by The National

    Trouble Will Find Me, the sixth LP by The National, was released today( Monday May 20) in the UK and will be released tomorrow(Tuesday, May 21) in the US.

    Apparently the penultimate track Pink Rabbits references the Morrissey compilation Bona Drag.

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    1. Thewlis's Avatar
      Thewlis -
      And the music to that song echoes the music on much of Bona Drag apparantly, according to Pitchfork:
      They’re also putting their own work up against the canon because they’re big enough to do it: Let It Be and Nevermind serve as paragons of stability on “Don’t Swallow the Cap”, Elliott Smith’s despondent “Needle in the Hay” contrasts with the pokerfaced “Fireproof”. Bona Drag plays during the luxurious piano mope of “Pink Rabbits”, LA Woman and Guns N' Roses are given malaprop name-checks on “Humiliation”.
    1. RobLand's Avatar
      RobLand -
      That link didn't work for me. Here's another one:
      (And they're a great band IMHO... I like them even more now)
    1. eslice's Avatar
      eslice -
      Pink Rabbits is in fact my fave tune on the new album which is really strong throughout. Rabbits is quite a beautiful song. Aside from the Bona Drag reference, the piano feels like a nod to The Smiths 'Asleep'. The National lead singer Matt Berninger is a great lyricist and also a well-documented fan of The Smiths (e.g. his interview about getting pelted by golf balls while blasting 'The Boy With the Thorn in His Side' http://stitcher.com/s/player.php?AAAAAJTwe @ ~23:25 min mark)

      The National makes the kind of music that gets better and better with repeated listens. There's a lot to enjoy here, I highly recommend it.
    1. realitybites's Avatar
      realitybites -
      The National are going to be on the Colbert Report tonight.
    1. dalimonte91's Avatar
      dalimonte91 -
      What.....? Morrissey reference?Whateva.
    1. Guernie's Avatar
      Guernie -
      Just got the CD , hope it lives up to the other National albums . Now if I can get amazon to send The Falls latest CD (Re-Mit) that I ordered on the same day. Seems that one is on back order till mid July !!!! What are they doing putting the album in a plastic bottle and tossing it off the coast of England ?
    1. Wundertaker's Avatar
      Wundertaker -
      A nice credible and respectable nod.
      Well done, matt.
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