• So that story of the Smiths fan who held a station here hostage in the '80s? It's true...well, sort of - westword.com

    "So that story of the Smiths fan who held a station here hostage in the '80s? It's true...well, sort of"

    Well, so, we finally got to the bottom of this whole alleged Smiths radio ambush we told you about earlier this week that supposedly took place over two decades ago. We set out on a mission to once and for all debunk this long held myth involving a deranged gunman who apparently forced a local radio station to play four hours of continuous music by the Smiths. Turns out, the story is actually true -- well, sort of. It happened, alright, just not the way everybody thinks it did....

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    1. MORRIZSEY's Avatar
      The Smiths '80s radio station takeover: What really happened according to the police report

      Update from westword.com 25 Feb 2013

      Excerpt -

      ....I have bought a gun for this time. When I tried it the first time I had a fake gun. I'm going to Y108 and I'm going to take control of the station and play all the Smiths and the Morrissey tapes over the air. (As I re-read what I've wrote it sounds crazy to me.) When it's over I'll give myself up. I do not expect to die, but if that happens I won't really mind. I will not hurt anyone else that doesn't try to stop me. I really don't expect to be successful....

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      mozmic_dancer -
      Mystery solved. This was an event I always wanted to learn more about.

      Next: Check back tomorrow for more on this story. Over the weekend, we caught up with Fadick and Kiss and talked to both about the incident. Fadick recounted the days events, while Kiss talked in more detail about what happened and why and how his life took a paradigm shift after this watershed moment and how story is ultimately a redemptive one.

      I sure will. Thanks to westword.com for their investigative journalism.

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