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  1. The Unanswered Moz Questions

    There is a new Moz book being released in May that claims to have the answers to all my questions. Preposterous. Think it will answer these?

    When was the last time Moz ate cheese?
    Does Moz still wear leather shoes?
    Does he read the forums at Morrissey-Solo?
    What does he think of the phrase cheese is murder?
    Did Moz have a crush on Johnny?
    Did he sleep with Johnny?
    Is Morrissey really bi?
    Is Damon bi?
    Did Moz sleep with Tina? ...

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  2. Is "World Peace is None of Your Business" a Concept Album?

    The album, World Peace is None of Your Business, is about human agency—particularly the structures which limit it.

    Human agency is the capacity for humans to make choices. In World Peace is None of Your Business, Morrissey describes numerous situations where agency is limited or influenced by structures outside of one's control. Many of the songs address society's pressure to make individuals conform. Several other songs concern themselves with freedom: how much and how little the ...

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  3. Bradley Steyn vs. Steven Patrick Morrissey

    This is what I think happened.

    Moz hires Steyn to be his bodyguard or security staff member. Moz requests that David Tseng be removed from the queue line at the Santa Ana gig as he has imposed a lifelong ban on David attending his concerts. In his classic hyperbolic style, Morrissey and/or the tour manger, adds/asks Steyn, either while alone or in the presence of other security team members, if David "could get hurt" and "could be gotten rid of." Then they discussed ...

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  4. World Peace is None of Your Business ~ Track Talk

    I have been listening to World Peace is None of Your Business on repeat for the last three hours. It is a wonderful album. At least as brilliant as You Are the Quarry. The standout tracks for me are Staircase at the University, Art-Hounds, and Kiss Me a Lot. I also love Istanbul, The Bullfighter Dies, and World Peace is None of Your Business. I have listed the tracks in descending order from most favored ...

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  5. Finer With Time

  6. Istanbul, I Love You!

    Rolling breathless off the tongue/the vicious street gang slang/I lean into a box of pine/identify the kid as mine.

    I cannot contain my excitement. The video promo for the single Istanbul is breathtaking! Pure poetry. I have fallen in love, once again...

    Download from my Box: ...

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  7. Practical and Everyday Anarchy, Anyone?

    World peace is none of your business
    You must not tamper with arrangements
    Work hard and sweetly pay your taxes
    Never asking what for

    What is Morrissey saying? Where are his ideas coming from? Russell Brand? Perhaps. But Brand is not a creator of ideas just a distributor with a comedic twist. I think the real thinker behind it all is Stephan Molyneux. I've just started reading his books which are all available for free as audiobooks or eBooks on his website. ...

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  8. World Peace is None of Your Business ~ Single

    Just downloaded WPINOYB. Amazing track. Have it on repeat. Love the chorus. And the ending is wonderful. Am so excited to hear the rest of this album.

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  9. Bullfighting is Torture Porn!

    I am neither vegan nor vegetarian; I eat beef. But that does not make me a monster who is incapable of feeling empathy for bulls. I do care about animal welfare. Unnecessary suffering is immoral; bullfighting is immoral; it's archaic and barbaric; it's torture porn—one step removed from the gladiatorial shows of yesteryear.

    Morrissey's new track, The Bullfighter Dies, is an anthem which cries out against this blood circus. Bullfighting is still legal in Spain, France, Mexico, and ...

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  10. Ain't THAT a Shame

    Seems like shaming is a favorite pastime for certain forum members. Why do some shame more than others? What gives them a sense of moral superiority, entitlement, and chutzpah to do it? I am not a psychologist. But I am certain there are a few theories out there to explain it. These are the Shaming Threads that have been erected (or resurrected) since January 1 of this year—the last four months— in the Off-topic and Pigsty forums. The archives are full of them, I'm sure.

    Thread title ...

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