1. Catch Me If You Can

    There are all kinds of people online, just as there are all kinds of people IRL. Fortunately I am able to steer clear of the psychopaths IRL. It is easy, one just avoids certain environments that they might otherwise run into one—like seedy nightclubs. Think of the film, Looking for Mr. Goodbar.


    But avoiding 'not right ...

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  2. Nonchalant in Arizona

    A man posted this in the POF forums...

    The conflicting part of online dating is that NOBODY likes finding an 'introverted' profile very attractive. Very rarely are people of the opposite sex turned 'on' by the idea you LIKE being by yourself. Both Intros and Extros alike want to know they are NEEDED for companionship, and that you think higher of them than anyone else. We're taught by experience to put ourselves 'out' there and show we CAN and HAVE and WILL do umpteen different activities

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  3. Something Impulsive

    I just heard this song for the fist time less than an hour ago. Actually I just learned of this band, Future Islands, as well. Check out this video that was posted on Solo...

    Seasons (Waiting on You)

    Then I bought their new album, Singles, online. It's fantastic! Then...

    I bought tickets to see them in Phoenix on April 20th. Whoo-hoo!

    ^^^ ...

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  4. He Said I Am Stoic

    He said I am stoic, rarely if ever showing my emotions.
    Funny, I always thought that I wore my heart on my sleeve.

    Maybe, just maybe, he meant that I don't let them see me sweat. This could be true, I suppose.

    I guess my coat of armor is solid and thick—these days. Or, perhaps it always was. Could be that I was born to do battle—genetically equipped with the traits to tackle crisis after crisis, heartbreak after heartbreak, and survive it all. Even thrive on ...

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  5. Momentum

    Don't lose momentum.
    You are on the right path.
    Be strong!
    Keep going!
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