1. Chasing Brett

    When I was fourteen years old, I fell in love for the first time with a boy named Brett. He was fifteen, handsome, and tall, with silky black hair. He looked a bit like a muscular Steve Perry—frontman for the band, Journey. At the end of the summer—that summer of my first love—Brett and his family moved to Florida. I never saw him again.

    Brett and I never kissed or even dated. Too many obstacles kept us from hooking up. First off, he was my boyfriend Scott's best friend. They had ...

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  2. Just Picked

    Penelope and Sid look like little Christmas trees with bright red bulbs.

    Yesterday afternoon...

    Just picked these this morning...

  3. Netflix is a Dangerous Drug

    Netflix: no breaks; no commercials; no pauses to go pee; no opportunities to defocus—just one episode after another—binge-watching on the cheap. With a trial subscription it's free for thirty days. Thirty free days to get you hooked. Once hooked, your endless drug supply will cost a mere $7.99 a month. That is less than 30 cents a day for all the TV shows and movies one can ingest. Is there a cheaper drug on the market? Doubtful.

    I spent the last few days in a daze-induced Dexter ...
  4. The Boy Can Dance

    A lot of men can't dance—either because they are uncoordinated or self-conscious. Or both. Some do dance but not very well. They are stiff and/or unoriginal. But hey, more power to them—at least they are out there trying. Then there are professional dancers who are highly skilled athletes. But that gets old after a while as it looks so choreographed.

    Then there are the naturals. These guys got the moves. They shake and groove effortlessly—like butterflies fluttering across the sky. ...

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  5. Tomato Blasphemy, Gardener Weeping!

    Was just at my local market. Look at what I came across...

    That is right. Large tomatoes selling for 3 lbs for 99¢!

    I couldn't resist buying a bunch...

    All these ...

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