1. Desert Vacation

    Desert: 5. any place lacking in something.

    Vacation: 1. a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity.

    So, I am on a desert vacation. It started last Monday. I don't know when it will end, tbo.

    What have I been doing? Working! Doesn't everyone work on vacation? Also, been out shopping for a bathing suit. I have taken the plunge and joined the community recreation center. Starting tomorrow I will be committed to an exercise program of lap swimming, ...

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  2. World Peace is None of Your Business ~ Track Talk

    I have been listening to World Peace is None of Your Business on repeat for the last three hours. It is a wonderful album. At least as brilliant as You Are the Quarry. The standout tracks for me are Staircase at the University, Art-Hounds, and Kiss Me a Lot. I also love Istanbul, The Bullfighter Dies, and World Peace is None of Your Business. I have listed the tracks in descending order from most favored ...

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  3. Eight Line Poetry Stanzas


    Sunny days despite
    Yesterday's weather
    Bare thighs spite by
    Sticking to the pleather

    Pink lemonade sipped
    Through stripey straws
    All beef dogs topped
    With Grandma's slaw


    Makes his way home
    Examines his merits
    Broken and alone
    Emptiness cries out

    Staring in the mirror
    His bones shake and chill
    In one swallow he devours
    The ...

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  4. Just One Kiss

    All I want is just one kiss and I will know...

  5. Bridges not Walls

    In this last year, I have purposely reached out to forge meaningful connections with others. It has been worth the effort.

    I use to erect walls; now I build bridges.

    Life is so much better with friends.

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