1. Smile, It's Selfie Saturday!

  2. Delusion Busting

    I am a delusion buster. Whenever I can, I tear down illusions and pull apart delusions. Why? Because I am a rationalist—a natural skeptic. I think it is due to both genetics and environment. My mom is also pragmatic. She is my significant role model.

    As a parent, there is a fine line between being a delusion buster and being a dream crusher. One doesn't want to stifle her child's imagination—only keep it grounded in reality. You want your kid to express his/her creativity and have ...

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  3. Dreaming of Red

    Waiting for my tomatoes to turn red is like watching paint dry—it seems to be taking forever. Sid has over thirty tomatoes. Penny has over forty. I can't even count them all. I've tried but I lose track. There are so many clustered together. But they are all green. Some are quite large. Looks like they are full size. As soon as they start to get a little orangeish at the bottom they are good to go. It usually takes about seven days for them to fully ripen on the vine once they start.

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  4. Tomato Porn

  5. Brutally Honest

    Bad personality traits/characteristics: stupidity, ineptness, laziness, incompetence, unresourcefulness. Which traits stand out in this exchange between myself and a PoF guy?

    So, a few days ago, I receive this message from a guy who lives a few hours south of me—outside of Phoenix:

    Hi where is Sedona az

    I don't reply because he has exhibited these traits: ineptness, incompetence, laziness, and unresourcefulness.

    Today, I get another message from ...

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