1. Jupiter in the House

    I don't believe in godsends, angels, karma, fate, or destiny. But sometimes things just fall into place, our luck seems to have no bounds. What do we account for these things? Chance? Coincidence? Perhaps. All I know is that when opportunity knocks, answer the door and be sure you have your makeup on and gas in the car. In other words, be ready to go for it. Do all your homework, prep work, emotional work... lots of work. Hard work. Effort yields results. Dream. Believe. Achieve.
  2. My Brilliant Year

    This is my year, my time to shine. I have never felt so ambitious, focused, determined, powerful, calm, happy, and deserving. This is my second stage—a new beginning. My career prospects have never been better or more rewarding. I've made some wonderful friends and truly feel like I am a part of a community. I love my city—the weather, the people.

    By this time next year I'll be so shiny your eyes will burn just looking at me.

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  3. True Love

    Just got home and checked my email. This was in my inbox.

    I have the best mom ever. To be loved and cherished by a person who is so amazing is truly a gift.
  4. Food Swap

    I'm craving cabbage. It has been three days since my last fix. What a strange thing to be addicted to, right? At least it is healthy. So anyhow, I'm sitting here wishing I had a big head to fry up for lunch. I could go to the market and buy one. Too bad I just couldn't trade a can of pinto beans or other pantry item I don't really want or need for it.

    This gave me an idea. Would there be a community interest in a food/service swap of sorts in my area? No money would be exchanged. ...
  5. After the film ended, I wondered...

    TJust saw the film Mr. Turner. At the end of the movie I was left with a question: What became of the housekeeper?

    Ever have a question(s) pop into your head after the movie is over... or a day later? This will be an ongoing post—to be modified when new movies come to mind.

    Warning ~ Movie Spoilers Ahead

    Mr. Turner: What became of the housekeeper?
    Birdman ...

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