1. Is "World Peace is None of Your Business" a Concept Album?

    The album, World Peace is None of Your Business, is about human agency—particularly the structures which limit it.

    Human agency is the capacity for humans to make choices. In World Peace is None of Your Business, Morrissey describes numerous situations where agency is limited or influenced by structures outside of one's control. Many of the songs address society's pressure to make individuals conform. Several other songs concern themselves with freedom: how much and how little the ...

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  2. Not So Secret Garden

    Penelope and Siddhartha ~ Sid for short because he is...

    I have two tomato plants which I transplanted into containers to grow on my porch this past July. Very late in the season—a risk. It was an impulsive thing—to start a tomato garden this year. I was inspired by a new friend of mine who is a master gardener/scientist. But so far things have been running smoothly. I named them Siddhartha ...

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  3. Today is the Greatest!

    It really is! Because... I just got some excellent news. My bid/proposal has been accepted. I am in! Plus I just got a $1,000 bonus. Also, found out my parents will be flying out in October to see David and I. We will have a blast, I am certain, just like we did on my mom's last visit. And to top it off, David and I have decided to fly down to Florida for Christmas. Will visit my parents and go to the beach! Can't wait. Life is good.

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  4. Bradley Steyn vs. Steven Patrick Morrissey

    This is what I think happened.

    Moz hires Steyn to be his bodyguard or security staff member. Moz requests that David Tseng be removed from the queue line at the Santa Ana gig as he has imposed a lifelong ban on David attending his concerts. In his classic hyperbolic style, Morrissey and/or the tour manger, adds/asks Steyn, either while alone or in the presence of other security team members, if David "could get hurt" and "could be gotten rid of." Then they discussed ...

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  5. Desert Vacation

    Desert: 5. any place lacking in something.

    Vacation: 1. a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity.

    So, I am on a desert vacation. It started last Monday. I don't know when it will end, tbo.

    What have I been doing? Working! Doesn't everyone work on vacation? Also, been out shopping for a bathing suit. I have taken the plunge and joined the community recreation center. Starting tomorrow I will be committed to an exercise program of lap swimming, ...

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