1. Success is the Only Revenge I Seek

    I am not superstitious and I certainly think Karma is bunk. But something makes me hesitate shouting at the top of my lungs, "life is good," out of fear that I will jinx myself—that the hubris police will come cracking down and put me back in my miserable place. Maybe I am simply not used to success. It feels different. I feel vulnerable. Could I lose it all in a moment's notice?

    I should feel I deserve this chance at greatness. Haven't I suffered enough? I don't want ...

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  2. Give Me a Break

    I need a break. Wow, has it been a taxing and intense last six weeks. My training ended last Friday. I have been set free to sink or swim. Yesterday was Crazy with a capital C. Five appointments! Fortunately all were pleasant and patient—while I got my footing. Everyone has been telling me it takes years to learn this job and they still don't know everything. I think that is reassuring. I still haven't decided.

    I will still be traveling to Flagstaff on Thursdays to meet with clients ...

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  3. Survivors Guilt

    I'm a survivor. I have survived two major medical illnesses. Why have I arrived on the other side whereas others with similar illnesses have lost the battle or are continuing to fight for their lives—daily, hourly? Why me? Why not me?

    When I got spinal cancer at age 16, I could have felt pity for myself. Instead I decided not to be a victim but rather a warrior. I was going to live, dammit. Thirty years later, I remain cancer free. I have a few scars—battle wounds—but I am walking ...

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  4. Holy Tomato!

    *Updates at bottom of page.

    Whoa, my plants are huge—both standing over four feet tall!

    Bud has twenty tomatoes so far.

    Ben has 19.


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  5. Yumfreakin'liscious!

    Have a V-8 spritzer! In a very large glass with lots of ice, mix a 12 ounce can of V-8 Low Sodium with a 12 ounce can of seltzer. Drink with straw. Have one at lunch and one mid-afternoon. Will keep you full, hydrated, and satisfied until dinner ...

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