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  1. Morrissey and his nipples

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    There's a place in hell for me and my nipples.
    CALLED IT. Earthquake. Who started this thread.
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  2. Symbolic Stuff Nobody Gives a Crap About

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    Symbolically my work is done. On my first SD card.

    "We have a vision to represent Seattle!"

    Seattle is C-attle in bird. Cattle.
  3. Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    Sitting watching Wendy Williams with my mom's chihuahua. Brain capacity still diminished by anesthesia, I'm finding this interesting.

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  4. Toiling Economics

    I just took a ginormous shit, an amazing turd that crept out of my anus and curled around the bowl into the post perfect question mark, dotted with the paper I dabbed my anus with. It got me to thinking about the Hick's Composite Commodity Theorum that I won't go into detail discussing since I don't know shit about it, but I wanted to mention Hick's Composite Commodity Theorum so you all would think I'm really intelligent and educated.
  5. Rye

    There's this little guy in our complex. Has the most horrific story associated with the pool, but he's overcome it. Loves swimming now. Loves watching people swim. He's always around, talks in this little monotone voice, super chatty. But everyone ignores him because he's so pervasive. It drives me crazy because he says the coolest little things and has an absolute heart of gold. Nobody knows his story, I do by complete accident. I'm not saying that knowing his story should be what makes people ...
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