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  1. do you ever?

    do you ever catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and think "holy shit, i'm ugly"?

    do you ever buy books that you know you will never read?

    do you ever wake up and immedately vomit all over your torso and then feel so weak that you're unable to get up and so you fall asleep again and wake up a few hours later with dried vomit attached to you?

    do you ever cry for hours at a time and then laugh uncontrollably when you think about what has ...
  2. bland optimism


    trying to arrange attending a gnostic mass later in the month.

    got a ticket to see jandek. fuck yeah.

  3. blog yeah blog fun yeah super fun blog yeah fun!

    today was full of ups and downs.

    i woke up and didn'timmediately have to cough up chunks of foul blackness - UP
    i fell over - DOWN
    i finished (like properly finished, no jokes) this thing i've been writing for fucking ages - UP
    i was cutting my hair andmanagetdo cut a big bald patch on the side of my head - DOWN
    i went to see the passion of joan of arc at the cinema. it was beautiful - UP
    i got some truly awful medical news - DOWN
    i'm drunk ...