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  1. God; A Huge Child With A Dollhouse!

    I usually don't put anything out of my "personal notebook" on the interwebs, but I find this quite amusing.
    Actually, I don't want to stop writing yet. I love it too much!

    I don't really know what to write about though...
    I'm not a great poet people will still adore after 100s of years, I don't have such a great imagination.
    I wonder if Shakespeare knew that he'd still be adored ...
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  2. Comment, comment, comment, comment!!

    hey ladss,

    I'm always quite serious and dull, but sometimes I just need a good laugh and a "I don't care about anything in the world" mood. Which practically just means punk music. Punk music that's about nothing, just fun! Listening to the Dickies at the very moment.

    I like punk. I'd almost say I could be an "indie punker", but I really am against labelling. It's the most stupid thing one can care about. I do get really mad when someone tries to ...
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  3. Sadness and Graves

    I've decided that I should put this "rant" from my Notebook on the interwebs. I don't know why because it's terribly boring, but oh well..
    -Yes, I write my opinions down in a notebook because I've got this pathetic thought that I might use it sometime in the future..-
    I've been feeling quite sad tonight, cried and I'm feeling pretty lonely. Which I obviously am.

    Anyways, when I feel like this I think about life and I think about ...
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  4. People... Why do they have to change?

    Hey lads...

    Hrmm... An absolutely pathetic title, I know.. But I don't have any inspiration at the very moment...

    I'm listening to Moz' 3 new songs, and more than ever I'm feeling this weird feeling when I think about the Pope Of Mope... I mean, I think I still see him as the shy frontman of the Smiths, but he isn't anymore..

    I've felt quite related to his lifestyle since I first read about him, but I'm slowly beginning to see that he's not like that ...
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  5. The mirror of our life; Art.

    Hello lads and old-lads..

    So, uhmm, someone told me I had to write about my love for "art". And to be totally honest, I have no idea how to write about such a thing as art. Art isn't a thing to write about, art is something to look at, and use your imagination.

    Well, I guess first of I have to explain the titel of this blog.. It's just something I find quite poetic, but it doesn't really fit in modern life anymore in my opinion. 100, 200, 300 years ago, art ...
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