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My Only Weakness

  1. Happy Birthday British Baby!

    Tommy turned 6 on Monday, and we were looking through the expansive collection of his pictures and videos and I found this. He was about to turn two in this, and had just started climbing out of his play yard. He would wait til we left the room and then climb out. I thought I was losing it at first! I'd come in and find him out and I would think, "I put him in there, I know I did!" So, we set up a camera and this was what we got.
    Clever little thing would poise himself ready to ...
  2. To Move Away From Those Awful Times

    SO, I looked up the issues over dairy and I was so shocked.
    I honestly thought it was because it wasn't healthy.
    I feel like such an idiot.
    I figured some people didn't because of allergies.
    I just felt sick after reading what I did.
    If I can't find responsible dairies, then I'm done.
    I will admit to having a head in the sand policy about many things. For example, I can't watch those videos about animal cruelty or killing. I just can't stand it. I know ...
  3. Swift Eclipse

    What a day!
    Last night featured a supermoon, this morning we had a total solar eclipse, and then tonight at midnight, the Spring Equinox drifts into perpendicularity.
    The eclipse was so fast. We had quite a bit of dusky sky for a while, but the time it took to go full and then shift into brightness was minimal.
    There was no total darkness or anything close. But, the birds all reported to the trees like it was time to go back to sleep!
    Lots going on today in the cosmos. ...
  4. All Lined Up Before Me

    I have decided to write some fiction.
    In so doing, I am trying to position my narrative voice at the moment.
    This is where I will have to push beyond my usual boundaries of writing personal anecdotes.
    I am excited about doing this, nervous, but excited.
    I'm only nervous because I am delving into the sub-strata of fiction and writing a story that is,
    sort of, sci-fi. I don't know, I guess it is. No, it definitely is.
    There are people that will believe it ...

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  5. There Must Be Something

    Smart people, who hit a blind spot and go wrong, and who cannot admit that they are wrong, are perhaps some of the dumbest, most stubborn arseholes anywhere in the whole entire multiverse.
    I hate to see it happen to a smart person.
    I'm not a blithering idiot, usually, and I have had it happen to me enough and been so embarrassed by the further realisation, (spelled correctly for where I currently live), that I have come to second guess my own knowledge from time to time. However, ...

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