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My Only Weakness

  1. I'm Gonna Be Sick

    Well, I feel like I've been punched in the gut.
    I played it off like it was all just fine, but, really, it's not.
    This is a deal breaker.
    hahah, there's not even a deal, yet.
    But still.
    And I didn't even know this about myself, because I haven't come across this before.
    I feel pretty heinous for feeling this way.

    Ok, here goes.

    He's a Christian.
    And while there are worse things a person could be, I can't process this ...

    Updated April 17, 2015 at 04:12 AM by My Only Weakness

  2. A Singing Dog, Was All I Saw, On Channel 4

    Well, not channel 4, but, on the telly.
    This is crazy!!
    It actually took me a second to rationalize that it wasn't the dog. I was about to have to re-evaluate my entire understanding of the universe!
    This is bloody brilliant!

  3. This (really) Charming Man

    Warning: This is the War and Peace of posts...hopelessly long winded. Grab a cup of tea, settle in.

    I met this unbelievably perfect human being the other day. His name is Gabriel, he's 34 and a pilot. He is about 6' 4", has shiny dark hair and bright blue eyes with these full, thick and long dark lashes. Beautiful eyebrows, they had to have been groomed, just everything about him was flawless. His finger nails were manicured, he was impeccably dressed, shoes shined. Nothing ...

    Updated April 12, 2015 at 02:54 AM by My Only Weakness

  4. Something That I Might Be Ashamed Of

    I'm calling you lot out for some reinforcement here.
    We all have little guilty pleasures beneath our obviously substantial cool factors, right?
    Like, maybe peeking whilst flipping channels, at that really stupid reality show, or secretly enjoying a piece of pop music so removed from one's usual tastes? Yeah?
    Well, I feel like a right honorable dickhead for it, but there is this girl, she can't be more than 21 or 22, who has a little twist on her version of top ...

    Updated April 8, 2015 at 08:17 PM by My Only Weakness

  5. I Have Got To Stitch To Wear

    I am always buying fabric when I have money and find good buys on it. Especially linen or other fine fabrics.
    I have all kinds of sewing projects waiting in the wings.
    I have some of the most amazing white linen that I practically stole for the amount I paid. It was already cut from the roll, so the size was predetermined. I guess that was why it was so reduced, because it certainly isn't flawed.
    I'm going away Saturday morning, the car arrives at 10 to take us to the coast. ...
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