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My Only Weakness

  1. Lyrics Quiz

    There's a quiz in the Manchester Evening News...

    Test your lyrics knowledge, it's ridiculously easy.

    Also, there's a poll to vote for your fave Smith's song of all time, just scroll down on that page, you'll see it!

    Updated February 25, 2014 at 02:11 PM by My Only Weakness

  2. Who's Coming?

    Mozarmy 2014 Meet @starandgarter

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The fastest, easiest way to get there is from Piccadilly Train Station. Take the Fairfield Street exits to the taxi rank or the lift from Platforms 13 &14. Star and Garter is just across the road!

    Updated February 24, 2014 at 03:31 AM by My Only Weakness

  3. Blink and miss them

    I have always discounted the little orbs caught on film by myself and others as a digital glitch. Their arrival seems to coincide with the new manner in which we now photograph our surrounds, digital cameras. But, I saw one a few weeks ago without the aid of a camera, via the naked eye. I have found this highly disturbing.
    It's bothering me immensely, actually. I am not given to hallucinations, even with the assistance of hallucinogenics, I didn't always get "visuals". And I happened ...
  4. Boys, boys, boys....

    This is about my children, move on to the next post if you don't like Mum's going on a bit about their kids.

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    This is my oldest son and his new wife.

    In the beginning, there were many babies.
    All boys.
    Not planned, I was too young to be having babies, but, their parents could NOT keep their hands off of one another for much more than a few hours. To say we thought highly of ...

    Updated January 30, 2014 at 01:50 AM by My Only Weakness (I had typed my son has power squatted 40 lbs shy of a ton...I meant to type half a ton. (US) The weight power squatted was 960 lbs. Just impressive, not bloody impossible/super human! Sorry.)

  5. Slipping on all the blood in here...

    Anytime I browse around in here anymore, I end up with acid burns all over me, constantly slipping up in the blood pooled on the floor, splattered on the walls.
    What the fuck has happened to the "human" race?
    You can't be venomous and vitriolic and claim to be enlightened as well. For, I am afraid, one undoes the other to such a degree it's hypocritical to pretend to be kind when you're gritting your teeth to get through it.
    I have a little bit of an attachment ...
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