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My Only Weakness

  1. "...and I don't feel bad"

    I feel great!
    Haven't had a headache in over a month!!
    I sleep about ten hours a night, which has been repairing me. I look ten years younger! Everyone I see that I haven't seen in a month or more is freaking out, "YOU LOOK GREAT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"
    Not hurting.
    As a result of no pain, not worrying over every minute detail of existence.
    Pain can ruin your life.
    It's done a fair job of gnarling my whole world TWICE now!
  2. all this kills me

    my eyes burn.
    the screen scalding them to the point that when i shut them, it feels briefly cool.
    i haven't been staring at a screen all day.
    i've been crying.
    i have always been plagued by and unable to accept the inevitability of life.
    our natural progressions haunt me.
    make me wish to be immortal.
    and choose upon whom i bestow the curse.
    for, surely, it would be wearisome as well.
    i don't know why i cannot just accept the reality ...
  3. Looking healthy and beautiful!

  4. "I am sick to death of cleverness"

    I am increasingly struck mute with the degree of absurdity that modern life has achieved.
    Political correctness, in all of it's ridiculous forms, is the ultimate fascism.
    It's impact on society as a whole is going to prove to be far more detrimental than any of the things
    it was introduced to counter-balance.
    Britain is possibly the world leader in political correctness fascism.
    I can't help thinking of all those men and women who gave their lives so that Fascism ...
  5. Go to Waste

    I haven't gone into this greatly, I don't delve deeply into many things, I scratch surfaces.
    Stir up a bit of my dust and attempt to pass off the commotion as a story.
    But, the truth is, I haven't told many of the stories.
    Where other people are concerned, I always do as I would wish do be done unto.
    I keep things private.
    But, in as sensitive a manner as possible, I sort of feel like telling a piece of the Stephen story.
    We met when I was sixteen and he ...

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