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My Only Weakness

  1. Ebola, ISIL, and Cancer...again

    I have been in a media blackout state because I can't manage coming out of a haze into clarity taking in all the bad news. I just feel the hole in my stomach forming, the ulcer I know I will inevitably worry into myself one day from worrying about all the variables in the environment that I cannot control.
    The things that vex me most are public safety and which of the two countries I can choose from now would be safer to raise my children,
    public transportation and who wants to blow ...
  2. Gears Engaged

    A few things I found when I found that steampunk vid,
    the chick from Dresden Dolls is coooooool. Kate Bush influenced more then her copy caTory Amos.
    Here are my reasons for liking this...
    I'm obsessed with Victoriana. Have lived in Victorian houses, read Victorian literature at great length with highly frenetic page turning, and this has become a little secret pleasure I can't tell anyone else about because they JUST WOULDN'T GET IT LIKE YOU WILL!!

    The first ...
  3. In the eye of the storm, you're only half-way thru the torment

    Preface: You'll need to have some spare time and be in the mood for some of my ramblings to commit to this.
    I can now write again.
    I've fallen and I wrote too much...

    When I was 22 years old, there was a terrible hurricane that actually traveled way past the Gulf of Mexico, on to land, and held it's form as a hurricane waaaay up to Chattanooga, where I was living at the time on Lookout Mountain.
    I always pushed us to areas that were beyond our reach, ...

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  4. I can't construct a sentence, much less string two together...

    I have been blogophobic for some time now. I have had plenty of interesting things to write about, but I am so hung up in my noggin', nothing will actually manifest into text.
    It could be a few different things, but unfortunately, the biggest problem is I am depressed. Acute depression, (as if MY depression would be ugly, pffft!) I am so just joking with that vanity. Trust me.
    I am conflicted. And when my mind is conflicted, it is pre-occupied. Not a lot of room for ancillary thought ...

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  5. If You Think The Mozfather is Putting Out Hits on People....

    Morrissey would just have his Solicitors in LA address whatever legal aspects exist to this, "WHATEVER!".
    His relationship with negative press has always been antagonistic in nature because he knows he's smarter than them. That's the very thing they hate about him. He means to be a controversial figure because he isn't afraid to speak his mind, whatever happens to be coursing through it at that given moment.
    He knows that carries with it a certain reputation.
    Come ...
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