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My Only Weakness

  1. Slip Into Silent Slumber

    I want to be Rachel Brice.
    I think this is so ethereal and exotic.
    It's beautiful.
    That style of dance is incredibly taxing. The amount of control you must have over your movements requires such strength. It doesn't really look like she's doing much, but I know from past experience whilst studying dance, that this requires a finely honed skill set, and the ability to work through ...
  2. Past The Pub That Wrecks Your Body

    We got a really weird phone call yesterday morning.
    A guy we don't really know very well has asked us to move into his recently purchased hotel/pub and run it.
    It looks pretty good on the auction house website.
    Not perfect, but workable.
    We're going down to have a look at it tomorrow.
    There are some aspects of the situation that would be great, others not so great.
    For a start, I'll have to immediately hire staff.
    Finding good help in these two areas ...

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  3. A Quick Word

    I know that things get nasty on this site, but I have a different experience here.
    I enjoy coming here, I enjoy the exchanges with my fellow writers, look forward to reading new posts and actually miss folks when they aren't about for whatever reason.
    Everybody that had been missing turned up over the last few days, (no word from HIG, but she's been to see Moz, so I hope we hear how that went SOON, ahem, HEEEEY, how was the show?!??!)
    Anyway, I just wanted to take this space ...

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  4. To Pretend To Be Happy Could Only Be Hideous

    I am so miserable.
    For so many reasons.
    And I am completely unable to do very much about it right this moment, thus, compounding the misery, exponentially.
    I totally had a meltdown this morning.
    After being let down yesterday, AGAIN, by someone I trusted, this morning, I was in no frame of mind to be tolerant of someone else's fragile scope of the world.
    Not willing to entertain anymore delusions for the sake of peace. And absolutely not going to endure over the ...
  5. Does anyone else see an older Lana Del Rey?

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    I just can't believe that was Bruce Jenner.
    The guy from the Wheaties box...
    He must've been burning up inside all those years thinking he was the better
    looking female in that house and he had to play a man with botched plastic surgery. I hope she feels better now in her new skin.

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