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My Only Weakness

  1. If You Think The Mozfather is Putting Out Hits on People....

    Morrissey would just have his Solicitors in LA address whatever legal aspects exist to this, "WHATEVER!".
    His relationship with negative press has always been antagonistic in nature because he knows he's smarter than them. That's the very thing they hate about him. He means to be a controversial figure because he isn't afraid to speak his mind, whatever happens to be coursing through it at that given moment.
    He knows that carries with it a certain reputation.
    Come ...
  2. Explain it to me like I'm two years old...

    I've always pretty much been down with the Israelis. During the time at school we were studying Anne Frank, and thus the entire Nazi Regime, and the Holocaust, I couldn't stop sobbing for a month. I didn't know anything about it. I got one of the best marks EVER on that essay, and it was the first I'd ever seen or heard of any of it. I'd even BEEN to Jerusalem as a child. My parents were decent Christians. Didn't get condescending or argue with anyone, constantly set a good example for the principles ...

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  3. Is it just me, or does he ?

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    Moz in 15 years? The photo didn't come out looking as much like him as the guy did in person.
    I spotted him at Salford Shopping City, he even has Moz-mannerisms. The way he pushed his hair back, just a few lil things. I have been looking for someone who even remotely resembled him for ages, but could never find one. Scoured Manchester and Salford and never got this close.
    He was embarrassed when I asked to take his picture. But, he knows ...
  4. Lyrics Quiz

    There's a quiz in the Manchester Evening News...

    Test your lyrics knowledge, it's ridiculously easy.

    Also, there's a poll to vote for your fave Smith's song of all time, just scroll down on that page, you'll see it!

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  5. Who's Coming?

    Mozarmy 2014 Meet @starandgarter

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    The fastest, easiest way to get there is from Piccadilly Train Station. Take the Fairfield Street exits to the taxi rank or the lift from Platforms 13 &14. Star and Garter is just across the road!

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