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My Only Weakness

  1. "I am sick to death of cleverness"

    I am increasingly struck mute with the degree of absurdity that modern life has achieved.
    Political correctness, in all of it's ridiculous forms, is the ultimate fascism.
    It's impact on society as a whole is going to prove to be far more detrimental than any of the things
    it was introduced to counter-balance.
    Britain is possibly the world leader in political correctness fascism.
    I can't help thinking of all those men and women who gave their lives so that Fascism ...
  2. Go to Waste

    I haven't gone into this greatly, I don't delve deeply into many things, I scratch surfaces.
    Stir up a bit of my dust and attempt to pass off the commotion as a story.
    But, the truth is, I haven't told many of the stories.
    Where other people are concerned, I always do as I would wish do be done unto.
    I keep things private.
    But, in as sensitive a manner as possible, I sort of feel like telling a piece of the Stephen story.
    We met when I was sixteen and he ...

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  3. Why Did I Come Here

    I've been in Salford for five years now.
    Five harrowing years.
    I have never been this poor, this depressed, this...hopeless.
    I'm no good at it. And it's driving me mad.
    It's all going to change. Soon.
    And I guess, some part of me will reflect on these days here like the Suedehead video.
    He went to see the hometown of his beloved.
    I came to drown in his.
    I've speculated previously in my blog about which came first, me, as I am, and thus, my ...

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  4. Strangely, I'm Back..

    The other night, I was up late and I just had this urge to delete my blog.
    I went through and hacked and slashed at entries, then I realized I could just make it private.
    Today, I came to the site to see the other blogs, and without being logged in, I see my blog is back!
    I logged in and checked settings, still all on private!
    I logged back out, and there I was again!
    It's alright, I guess.
    I'd been regretting ...
  5. Gears Engaged

    A few things I found when I found that steampunk vid,
    the chick from Dresden Dolls is coooooool. Kate Bush influenced more then her copy caTory Amos.
    Here are my reasons for liking this...
    I'm obsessed with Victoriana. Have lived in Victorian houses, read Victorian literature at great length with highly frenetic page turning, and this has become a little secret pleasure I can't tell anyone else about because they JUST WOULDN'T GET IT LIKE YOU WILL!!

    The first ...

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