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The Darkened Underpass

Morrissey, Poetry, Music, Dead Idols, Art, and Quixotic Musings

  1. Winged Persuasions and Veil'd Destinies

    ...his fate and fame shall be
    An echo and a light unto eternity
    ~ Shelley ~

    Updated May 5, 2015 at 06:31 AM by hand in glove

  2. Could it really be..Good times for a change?

    So. When Morrissey tickets went on sale, I was naturally frantic - like everyone else trying to get good seats - and ended up with two tickets. The one I shall use and then an extra one, which I had planned to sell. Well, until my mother called.

    MOM: Did you get your Marrissey ticket?

    ME: Yep! Got two, actually. I ended up with a better seat so I'll just sell the other.

    MOM: Oh! You have an extra ticket?? I want it!

    This doesn't come as ...
  3. KMAL revised...

    The original would be fine without that horrible intro. I like everything else after that. However, I just found this on youtube and, well, James Dean and cats...nice! Thanks to Lesley Verbeek.

    Updated April 12, 2015 at 04:14 AM by hand in glove (I hate my Apple iPad.)

  4. Whisper Just Very Softly

    Updated March 31, 2015 at 05:13 PM by hand in glove

  5. She's Leaving Home

    Last night the mother of a client of mine came in for her monthly massage. I usually see her in passing as she only gets a facial a few times a year. Her daughter, however, I see often. I hadn't recently and wondered why, but didn't think much of it as she had started college and I figured I'd see less of her because of that.

    When I saw her mother last night, I noticed she looked as though she was in pain. I figured she was suffering from lots of muscular problems.

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