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  1. Damn That Dog!

    I'm really not a dog person and I haven't decided what I think about the new puppy. To be honest I only prefer her when she's asleep or when she's in a quiet mood, which can't be good thoughts about her. Puppy simply won't learn anything quickly. We've toilet trained her for the last 2 weeks and she either doesn't understand or she goes on the carpet on purpose. She's also teething which means I've pretty much got all my stuff upstairs in my bedroom. You can't leave any wires around this dog as ...
  2. Wales NHS Dentistry

    As I am under 25. I am free to go to the dentist.....well, so I thought.

    I attended my new dentist and I signed a form to say I was under 25 and everything with my teeth was fine, but he wanted to take some x-rays (why?) and do a "cleaning up" job although he said my teeth looked great. I went to the reception and handed in my signed form which the dentist signed and she says,

    "Right that's £13"
    "Err...I did sign the form to say that ...

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  3. New Dog?

    My mother has surprised us all by buying a dog, which will be here on Saturday. I still don't know if it's a good surprise or a bad surprise. I wasn't really wanting a dog. I still don't really want a dog. But, oh well...we are having one! We have seen a picture and have decided to name her Muffin. I just hope the family doesn't throw all the responsibility on me because I didn't even get a choice in this and I have my guinea pigs to take of anyway! I guess I'll grow to love the new dog as I am ...
  4. No Land, Nowhere

    You want to live inside your mind
    So think of dreams and close your eyes
    Floating through a sea of people
    Nobody can ever see us
    And whilst we fall against the floor
    These shoes of fools race wildly

    And all thereís left is to lie down and die
    So Iíll close my eyes in neither space nor time
    I shake my head disappointed, despaired
    As Iím heading to no land nowhere
  5. Annoyed

    Bus prices have gone up again in Wales. It's just getting ridiculous! Since when has Arriva made a loss? They are a large profiting company globally, so why are they punishing the North by hiking their prices every single bloody year? It has really bugged me today. I told the driver "I wish my wages went up as high as these tickets" and he replied "Me too, mate". I may just completely switch from Arriva to make a statement. The company doesn't give a damn.
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