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  1. Days Pass....

    by , August 31, 2015 at 02:47 AM (So Far From Where I Intended To Go)
    and this emptiness fills my heart~Peter Gabriel

    That`s how a great deal of my days feel.They feel empty and meaningless.I feel I have nothing to show for this life.I just feel so tired most of the time.I`m reaching a point of not wanting to try anymore.It`s just too difficult,it hurts.It hurts to be living a life like this...if you call this living.If I`m not feeling sad I`m feeling so numb.I used to hurt myself to let those feelings out.Now that I`ve stopped doing that those ...
  2. Thank You Morrissey

    I believe people evolve overtime. They don’t remain stagnant, which is much different than being consistent. I believe I have changed over time. My likes, my dislikes, my loves, my hates, my hopes, my attempts, my successes and my failures have all had many incarnations. As a fan of Billy Bragg since the eighties, I was pleasantly surprised at the mid nineties album, William Bloke. It seemed he was evolving at the same pace in his life as I was in my mind. It was such a mature album discussing many ...

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  3. Highland Fling

    I am in the land of Scots.
    I am so happy when I'm here!
    Everywhere I look, there is something else I absolutely adore. It is such a gorgeous day.
    We woke up early, there are some very posh boys from down South back in England that are staying with us this year. They are blond, have perfect tv teeth, and are so polite, well spoken and cute!
    Eton boys.
    I'm so accustomed to the usual theatre tech piss head who drinks too much every night and has to be poured into ...
  4. malware!!!!!!!

    three hours later, and I've removed all of it by myself! i'm so proud. now to buy some serious antivirus suite..... any suggestions?
  5. Short and Sweet

    Mexico was cancelled. David had to work on Friday so it was just me in my rental car, headed south towards the border...

    Hello Tucson!

    Training on Thursday was short and sweet—1:00 PM - 5:00 PM. But it was worth the drive. My supervisor is very charismatic, dynamic, and inspirational. ...

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  6. Katie Says Hi!

  7. Kick the bride down the aisle

    Sometimes I'm attracted to lyrics/music that just gets literally is real to my current life. I was wandering today in the beautiful east bay. I spent hours here today training. Just rolling through the gentle hills, looking at farmland, vineyards and vistas.

    Little wanderer gently played into my earbuds. As I mentally sing along, it is a love song I recognize to match ...
  8. Repurpose

    Right before my wife left overseas we were talking about our workout area. She is a swimmer but uses weights with a bench and does stuff on a balance ball. The kids use the treadmill for walking and running. And obviously I have the trainers for my bicycles. Earlier in the year my wife allowed me to put a trainer in the formal dining room and that worked great.

    Since ...

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  9. poem du jour!

    Things to Do

    For fun this afternoon, I might concoct moonshine,
    call it white lightning if you will, out of sparkle-
    berries, which have yet to be discovered.

    If only I could find sparkleberries, but then there's
    clothing: you have to have it, otherwise people
    call the police. I could pass the time

    by fashioning some fashion out of unicorn or
    pegasus breath, not that I have an over-
    load of that in stock, but ...
  10. Keeping It Inside

    by , August 3, 2015 at 12:48 AM (So Far From Where I Intended To Go)
    I feel like I am not living but just existing.

    I feel so lonely sometimes.This illness has made me a worthless,nothing.I feel as if I lived my life just staring out the window watching the world go by.I`ve watched people living out their lives while I hid inside.

    I`ve always lived inside my head....maybe too much.I have a hard time talking about how I feel inside to other people even in my own family.My mom always asks me how I`m doing.I just always say "I`m okay".Anyway ...
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