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  1. Just Sad .....

    by , October 3, 2015 at 02:41 AM (So Far From Where I Intended To Go)
    And empty and lonely.

    My day started out nice.We went to see my little niece get an award at her school then we went to breakfast.I don`t know what the hell it is with me but my depression tends to get worse as the day goes on.I feel worse at night.I just lay in bed staring at the tv waiting for the meds to put me to sleep.I feel like it`s not a life.The thing is I`m tired.Tired of waiting for the meds to work.I don`t want to admit it but sometimes I get ...
  2. November spawned a monster

    Bernie Slaven former Middlesbrough and Republic of Ireland footballer has a new publication coming out on October 29th.Bernie played 382 games, scoring 147 goals for Middlesbrough and earned 7 caps for The Republic of Ireland. He is the 6th highest goalscorer in MIddlesbrough Football Clubs 140 year history.
    As a self proclaimed Morrissey fan, who was born in the month of November, the title of his new publication is November Spawned a Monster, which was a single by Morrissey back in 1990. ...
  3. Big Mouths, lah de dah

    I have never really appreciated unsolicited advice.
    I don't "take" it.
    I don't take orders, either.
    I will seek out things I need to know.
    And as far as orders go, I've been running my own little show for ages and I will continue to do so.
    I don't get off on being bossy, and I certainly won't allow someone to boss me around.
    There are some females in my sphere that fancy themselves as foremen. They like to tell others what to do.
    Now, any ...

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  4. Mom Gone Wild

    Phoenix was a trip—back—to my twenty-one-year-old self. Sunday, early evening, David, his girlfriend Hannah, and I are having drinks and starters at Chili's. I had won a gift card and thought I'd take us all out. A beer in, David asks, " Would you be down for a party? It's Gustavo's birthday and the guys (skater pals) are having a party for him." I could just picture it: anti-social stonerheads sitting around playing video games on a large screen TV. Not my idea of a fun night out. David ...

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  5. My Old Friend

    by , September 10, 2015 at 03:30 AM (So Far From Where I Intended To Go)
    I`ve really been missing you my old friend.I`ve been missing the relief you used to bring me.I remember the peace.....peace maybe that`s not the right word.I remember you used to make me feel better... well at least for a little while.You used to help me let out everything I can`t say out loud.You used to help me scream it and then make me feel like I had released it.I miss you my old friend but I hate you too.

    I hate you because you are a liar and you lied to me.I hate you because ...
  6. If You Need Me, I'll Be Here

    It seems like forever since I last blogged. Work is so mentally stimulating that all I want to do when I get home is plant myself in front of the TV and watch mindless shows like Project Runway and Face Off. But as we all know all work and no play... will lead to burnout or even insanity. We don't need any of that. And so, I am taking a three day vacation. Booked my hotel several weeks ago. Staying at the same place my parents stayed when they came to Phoenix last. It was so magical I just had to ...
  7. Days Pass....

    by , August 31, 2015 at 02:47 AM (So Far From Where I Intended To Go)
    and this emptiness fills my heart~Peter Gabriel

    That`s how a great deal of my days feel.They feel empty and meaningless.I feel I have nothing to show for this life.I just feel so tired most of the time.I`m reaching a point of not wanting to try anymore.It`s just too difficult,it hurts.It hurts to be living a life like this...if you call this living.If I`m not feeling sad I`m feeling so numb.I used to hurt myself to let those feelings out.Now that I`ve stopped doing that those ...
  8. Thank You Morrissey

    I believe people evolve overtime. They don’t remain stagnant, which is much different than being consistent. I believe I have changed over time. My likes, my dislikes, my loves, my hates, my hopes, my attempts, my successes and my failures have all had many incarnations. As a fan of Billy Bragg since the eighties, I was pleasantly surprised at the mid nineties album, William Bloke. It seemed he was evolving at the same pace in his life as I was in my mind. It was such a mature album discussing many ...

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  9. Highland Fling

    I am in the land of Scots.
    I am so happy when I'm here!
    Everywhere I look, there is something else I absolutely adore. It is such a gorgeous day.
    We woke up early, there are some very posh boys from down South back in England that are staying with us this year. They are blond, have perfect tv teeth, and are so polite, well spoken and cute!
    Eton boys.
    I'm so accustomed to the usual theatre tech piss head who drinks too much every night and has to be poured into ...
  10. malware!!!!!!!

    three hours later, and I've removed all of it by myself! i'm so proud. now to buy some serious antivirus suite..... any suggestions?
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