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  1. la buena educacion

    So: there was one good teacher in Cheshire, and who got him? Ian bloody Brown.
    And who was taught nothing by old maids?

    "My mum will be down... to ask why I was never shown gay porn at 11."

    Ah well... luck of the draw, Ms D. Luck of the draw. But I agree, tragic, tragic waste.
    "I have not been feeling myself tonight", ...

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  2. Four glorious hours...

    I just woke up from four hours of uninterrupted sleep. I feel good. I realize eight hours of uninterrupted sleep would have been better, but hey...If you had my luck with catching zzzz, you'd understand why that's actually something to be very pleased with.

    I was so very tired last night from not sleeping the night before and then having quite a frustrating day at the hospital with my mother yesterday. I took her for a few tests she had scheduled - one being her first mammogram since ...

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  3. Which GOT are you?

    Now, we all know that GOT doesn't exist, but it's been a while since the last episode. To kill time, let's explain ourselves with percentages of GOT characters. Has it been done before? No it hasn't.

    40 % Jon Snow: a bit of a fighting bastard. Loyal to whomever he thinks he should be, not necessarily useful people. Kind of daft but heart in the right place. Is learning. Likely to be shot arrows at when riding off (by the very people who think he's hot, which he finds a tad confusing.) ...

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  4. Morrissey and the passing of time

    I try not to live in the past, but sometimes I can't help but revisit those days back in the early 1990s. In many ways it was a better time. A happier time. For me, life really began in 1992. I was 21 and was just stepping out into the world from a dark place. I had been a Morrissey fan for only three years and clung to every syllable that fell from his lips. He was a light of hope and a friend. Life had not been very kind and I'd been shattered at such a young age. Things happened that I won't ...
  5. all this kills me

    my eyes burn.
    the screen scalding them to the point that when i shut them, it feels briefly cool.
    i haven't been staring at a screen all day.
    i've been crying.
    i have always been plagued by and unable to accept the inevitability of life.
    our natural progressions haunt me.
    make me wish to be immortal.
    and choose upon whom i bestow the curse.
    for, surely, it would be wearisome as well.
    i don't know why i cannot just accept the reality ...
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