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  1. Stuck In My Head

    No sleep tonight I guess.Maybe the meds will kick in a little later but then again maybe they won`t. I lay down and close my eyes..... the thoughts keep spinning around my head.I can`t rest or relax. I want to sleep and at least have some peace from this.But of course I just can`t stop them.

    I started with a new therapist.I couldn`t keep seeing the last one because he wasn`t covered anymore. I was comfortable with him.The new one ....well she seems nice.I just wished I lived in a ...
  2. Why, are you carrying the suitcases?

    See it's exact-

    Morrissey! What are you doing here! But! You said to close the door! I took it you meant you were leaving! Me? of course I'm not leaving Solo! Right, I'll ask David to install a cat flap then. Honestly, this is turning into a Katy Purry song. You're in, and you're out...

    Right, what was I saying? Yes, I wanted to express concern for teenagers who report statements. I see them sleeping on one foot with one eye open, staring at TTY, and quite forgetting ...

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  3. Were you raised in a barn?

    Yeah, sorry, forgot something. You know if Moo does stupid stuff sometimes, it's not always on purpose.

    Like, you can see that when he talks about videos. He genuinely hasn't got a clue. He absolutely doesn't know what he's doing. And usually that's when people start sounding assertive.

    Remember the old Spliffs days? "Can't see the point in music videos." Fast forward to present day...Oh what's that? "I'm going to dress my guitarists as caribinieri ...
  4. Please close the bore behind me

    (looks around)

    I attentively read Richard Blade's statement and, er, I respectfully disagree... I think tons of people point mistakes out. Free of charge, too...

    ... I agree "" with anonymous on the main page, I think we may have to thank a 19 y.o. Lithuanian waiter in a park bush for that statement. Hey, if that's what it takes...That's none of our business anyway.

    Okay then ...

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  5. Polyamorous

    This is a word I did not know. I read it on someone's blog here and had to look it up because it did not understand the context in which they used it to describe themselves. As I was commenting on one of my blogs, the conflict of this word came into my mind. As such, I wanted to comment on the persons blog, but I could neither remember who wrote it or find the original blog from whence I read it.

    I looked the word up and was enlightened to its meaning. But there are limitations of ...
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