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  1. Miss Been There, Did That, Bought The Catsuit

    Vevo is plugging this, I clicked on it while trying to pause the player and it's actually pretty good.
    It's very art school.
    After hours, of course.
    I like their sound.
    Just sharing.
    As one does.

    Feel free to say what you think of it!!
  2. The King of White Boy Cool

    I just gotta throw Beck some love.
    I was sitting here, bored senseless, watching youtube, and a Beck playlist was on cause Tom digs Hell Yes and the dancing robots, so I started listening to the songs.
    For a moment, it was 1995, I was driving around in the summer sun in my massive Dodge conversion van, listening to Beercan on a freakin cassette deck!
    I love this man and his music so ...

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  3. And the songs that saved your life

    I couldn't get this song out of my head, so I went to watch the video on youtube. I love the running guitar riff.
    I like music that has the mental translation of movement.
    I also like landscape music. Where as soon as the song starts, you get a picture of a landscape in your mind. And then, if it travels as well, that's even better!
    How bizarre that in a song where it talks about a plane falling from the sky, it shows ...
  4. In Mexico

    There is a lovely city in Mexico called San Miguel de Allende. It is in the state of Guanajuato, just about two hours from Mexico City.
    It is a beautiful representation of Colonial Mexico, many of the palatial homes and buildings are from the 18th century.
    There are lots of Americans there, which I think is one of the greatest assets as well as one of the primary drawbacks of the place.
    I have always wanted to live there. Just before I came over to England, I had someone ask ...

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  5. Fiery ropes of licorice

    Talk time for my son and I tonight consisted of us going over our alotted time and us scurrying when my wife came in and gently said its bed time for both of us.

    We were playing with a laser in his room and making all kinds of gyroscoping designs. ...
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