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  1. The End of Faith ~ Sessions

    Author Sam Harris reads his best selling book, The End of Faith (2004), in its entiretyŚwith added commentary:

    Chapter One

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  2. I don't feel safe here

    We were spending the day at the tech museum in downtown San Jose and my son and I decided to step outside and take a walk around. We got about four blocks and then we ran into a street fair so we cruised on in. Down a side street, we saw a small group of people ...
  3. P r e t e n d e r s

    I had some time yesterday morning to go to a few thrift shops and search for records, which I've collected for most of my life. I stopped at one of my favorite spots and spotted a pile of records next to the two usual big tupperware bins... There was lots of 80s stuff, like early Elvis Costello, The Specials and some Pretenders albums. I ended up leaving with 25 records, and among them were two Pretenders records; one was a UK pressing of their second album and a bootleg, along with a tour book ...

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    Just took this--my first selfie from my office.

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  5. It isn't always what others see; Sometimes it's how we see ourselves...

    The other day I had a client who said to me, "Please make me pretty again." I stood there looking at her with a blank face. Before she'd even said anything, I thought to myself how stunning she was. Long, dark, almost black hair, soft, dewy chocolate eyes with thick black lashes, and naturally rich, full, fuchsia lips. Her skin was smooth and pale. Honestly, a natural beauty. She'd just celebrated her 33rd birthday the week before. She continued saying that her skin was beginning ...

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  6. Stepfather


    Step qualifies father... as if to emphasize it is not the same as plain father. Does it mean a step down, though? Or is it a step up from mere father? When it came to Charles Petrelli, my stepfather, it was the latter. He was a man who stepped up to the plate and performed the role of father with greatness.

    Charlie came into my life when I was fifteen. I am now forty-eight. I was blessed to have him in my life for thirty-three years. I miss him already. ...

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  7. Psychologically save me

    Tuesday, I was talking to my daughter in the morning before school. I was complimenting her on her hair as she had twisted and wrapped it to look so beautiful. She looked at me, as if not requiring the accolade for satisfaction. She has wonderfully wavy hair and it hangs with such effortless curvy wisps.

    I asked her, "sometimes people who have wavy hair want straight hair and vice versa, people with straight hair may want curly full hair, what do you want?". She told me ...
  8. Good morning solo

    You have to keep it light. To keep my afternoons free for my wife and kids I am often out of the house before they even wake up. I get a good morning text accompanied with older pics of us and the kids most mornings. This is a typical exchange. I always get a giggle of what a twenty year relationship is like sometimes.

    Here is another random during the day exchange.

  9. 10th Anniversary Ringleader of the Tormentors released on April 3, 2006

    Happy Birthday to one of Morrissey's great creations.

    I love Dear God Please Help Me. Beautiful music and "the heart feels free"...

    Some time ago I made a Spanish translation of this adorable song to sing it to myself. This is a good moment to share it with the Spanish speaking fans


    Caminando por Roma
    mi corazˇn en un hilo
    Dios ay˙dame

    Estoy tan cansado
    de hacer lo correcto ...
  10. Sex and violence

    Quote Originally Posted by rifke View Post
    some people just naturally know how to live, you sound like one of them. i've always sucked at that. i've always had too many conditions.

    Life and my postings. Well, I don't want to make it seem easy. I don't believe life is easy. The older I become, it requires more tact and presence than ever before. Compounding in complexity and taking me to new places around every corner. It takes me a tremendous conscious effort to steer things in a positive manner that meets ...
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