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  1. Martin Amis Without Hitchens

    Author Martin Amis on coping with the loss of his best friend Christopher Hitchens...

    When Christopher Hitchens died in December, Martin Amis lost his best friend. The British author says his immediate desolation gave way to a much greater love of life, something Amis believes Hitchens had in spades and bequeathed to him when he passed away.

    Watch video and read complete ...

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  2. Vulnerable

    Intimacy. Someone once told me that intimacy is in-to-me-you-see. You would think a blog is by it's very nature a platform for sharing intimate feelings and thoughts. But more often than not, it is actually a wall that separates self from world. It is a carefully controlled construct, a barrier to intimacy. If I tell you how I think before you ask, then you don't get to frame the question. It's overcoming objections before ...

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  3. Christopher Hitchens ~ Still Loving You

    *Update September 24, 2012 ~ Just finished Mortality. It is a short book... can be read in one or two sittings. I highly recommend it to all Hitchens fans and anyone else interested in the personal dialogue that goes on in one's head when dealing with cancer and terminal illness.

    The late, great Christopher Hitchens' book, Mortality, is being published posthumously on September 4, 2012.


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  4. Stomping on Sacred Ground

    *Update ~ After a hiatus, I returned to the site and have been welcomed back with warmth and kindness. I realized that in many ways, the posters there were simply responding to my gangbusters approach. I learned that less ego and more humility works wonders... at least in this case, it did.

    Every once in a while, I leave the safe boundaries of my journal and venture elsewhere to express myself. ...

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    Atheism , Religion and Philosophy
  5. Pin the Name on the Yogi

    *Update September 29, 2012 ~ The Overheated, Oversexed Cult of Bikram Choudhury

    It's been a long time since I've poked fun at a group or subculture. Oh wait, I did just write a snarky piece about pretentious philosophers. Anyhow, it feels like a long time. And it has been a while since I crucified spiritualists and castigated climbers. Sometimes, it just feels good to say what you really think. There's nothing wrong with vocalizing an opinion as long as you focus on an acquired status ...

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