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  1. talk to the chair

    Ha! Finished act two. Becoming downright naughty. The play, not me. Hot hot hot.
    Certainly hotter than Solo, which has become a tepid cesspool. It's lucky I'm in an excellent mood -can you tell- from a lovely holiday because it'd be rather hard to concede victory to Molly C. I don't know how he did it, but he did it. It's killed.There isn't a single interesting thing going on. A couple of blogs, period. And I checked other places, it's just as dead. The happy campers have all upped and left. ...

    Updated August 31, 2012 at 04:41 PM by Barking

  2. All dolled up and no place to go?

    In an attempt to get away from complicated words, I also watched an interview on youyou. Now, if people still went on Msolo Iíd bother analyzing every line of it but still nobody we know does, Iíll just give you the rough outline and my impressions. aren't you glad you're getting the short version?

    Itís a bloke who talks about a band and dead people in that band. It starts very well: you learn that anybody who isnít a fan of that band is a complete and utter idiot, ...

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  3. Come again?

    I saw ďblustering jingoismĒ and I screamed because it looked like a disease and I thought I had it. After panicking I realized I was confusing blustering with blistering. Donít remember what that means but must come from blister. I know that one. Or do I? And Goog told me that Jingoism had actually nothing to do with Jengaism (the love of building little wooden towers.) (which I definitely have.)

    No wonder I canít understand simple sentences like this one:
    Then no more remains ...

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  4. Martin Amis Without Hitchens

    Author Martin Amis on coping with the loss of his best friend Christopher Hitchens...

    When Christopher Hitchens died in December, Martin Amis lost his best friend. The British author says his immediate desolation gave way to a much greater love of life, something Amis believes Hitchens had in spades and bequeathed to him when he passed away.

    Watch video and read complete ...

    Updated October 21, 2013 at 09:16 PM by realitybites

    Books , Atheism , Christopher Hitchens
  5. And what about me, you ask

    Well to be honest itís a bit different. For one, I can use a rubber. Well most of the times I blow in them to make balloons to play with, but I'm not completely immature, I do know there are other uses. Trouble is, I donít think my ears would fit in them. But I could be persuaded to have a go, for health reasons.Or to please somebody. Maybe.
    And, I know shelters are full of puppies, but whenever I turn up to adopt, all they ask is how much money Iíve got, and if Iíve got a partner, a car, ...
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