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  1. What the fcuk are you looking at.

    My son took a picture of me with the new camera while I was doing three things at once, talking to my son about how to use the camera (we are keeping him on Auto+), riding the bike, and queuing a instructional video on you tube. That is really how I get most things done these days, in multiples.

    Today I watched a photography tutorial. The screenshot above about ...
  2. Year-End Letter

    My paternal grandmother was a storyteller. And I have the evidence to prove it in a large vinyl zipper bagócopies of handwritten chapters which read like short stories. She was an intelligent, head-strong womanóa first generation American born into a large family who immigrated from England at the turn of the century.

    She went to Ohio State Normal College at Kent and then became an English teacher for forty-five years until her retirement. She had many siblings, one of whom died ...

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  3. This

    by , December 18, 2014 at 03:18 AM (So Far From Where I Intended To Go)
    Things have been pretty difficult for me this year with my illness.The depression part of my illness is hitting me pretty hard this year.Not that it`s ever gone.It`s always with me and though it`s hard I`ve sort of come to accept that it will always be there.These past few months have been especially hard though.I`ve been doing my best to get through these days.I see the psychiatrist and a therapist and they have helped.The therapist has helped me to start some things that will help me move on with ...
  4. "I am sick to death of cleverness"

    I am increasingly struck mute with the degree of absurdity that modern life has achieved.
    Political correctness, in all of it's ridiculous forms, is the ultimate fascism.
    It's impact on society as a whole is going to prove to be far more detrimental than any of the things
    it was introduced to counter-balance.
    Britain is possibly the world leader in political correctness fascism.
    I can't help thinking of all those men and women who gave their lives so that Fascism ...
  5. I Still Love You, Oh I Still Love You

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