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  1. Character

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    Happy Easter. I got up early and was going through my daughters homework schedule book to check the projects. This is a junior high book they give them to stay organized. It has a section on character. This is what they teach young adults so they can better manage life. I think we can all say this would be a good exercise for us sometimes.

    Character -
    Write down a list of things that have happened to you that didn't seem fair. For each ...
  2. Egg, mess, art

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    I am always amazed by the difference between boys and girls. Messiness, creativeness, details. they are so polar opposite but unique and special on both sides of that spectrum.
  3. My Love Language

    This is my love language according to a pop psychology quiz I tool online. Iona Mink posted the link in the forums. I am not surprised at all by the results. I could have told you my type without taking the quiz.

    Because I feel loved and cherished and worthy when others use words of affirmation, I am able to connect with others emotionally and intellectually online through message board interactions, ...

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  4. Ode to the Semicolon

    I am not open-minded;
    My brain is not elastic;
    It's more like hardened plastic.

    I know you must agree;
    It is not difficult to see;
    Denying it would be silly.

    My beliefs are firmly planted;
    Opinions sort of cemented;
    Rarely changing over the seasons.

    A paradigm shift is unlikely;
    The skeptic in me prevents it;
    You'll have to do some persuading.

    Emotional appeals won't do;
    Reason and evidence ...

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  5. Homework

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    Normally homework gets completed the afternoon before but he forgot it. Luckily the classroom was open when we went to school early so he could do it. Otherwise he would have to do it during recesses. He tells me he can do it fast as he has made a rocket launching pencil.
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    I remember playing after school. Kids today have so much freaking homework. A change of times.

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