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  1. Quincy

    Youtubing "white dress" to have a musical answer to give to the soup lady, I found out today that Madonna may well have been Hameled.
    Hammered, too, possibly, but there's no evidence of that, and besides, who are we to judge?

    Frankly I don't see the need of dragging this poor lady into this.

    I 'd always thought he said "I'm in a corrida" and it took me ages to understand "corrida" anyway. Bizarre. (but Funky.)

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  2. I often refrain from commenting...

    -"Autobiography is in my top ten!"
    - Wow -You shouldn't boast about having read 10 books though, ISIS might mistake you for a living library.

    -"How many Moz letters exist?"
    - Three?

    -"Joshua Radin gets drunk with Morrissey"
    - With a name like that I guess Morrissey paid for the champagne for once?

    - How would you like to die?
    With Jean Shrimpton.

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  3. If it isn't this...

    Then it's that.

    So very exhausting.
  4. Stakeland

    More of the same I'm afraid...But written with totally different words, so you'll get the impression iz a brand new entry. Deceit is my middle name.

    So I was watching "God Bless America" the other day, as you do; a movie I won't comment on in its form, as it's flawed but as I agree with the message and frankly couldn't have done better, I'll abstain. ("Nice one!" )

    So at one point, in between shooting annoying people, one of the two spring-cleanin' ...

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  5. funny how...

    ...BSM( no there's no D missing- at least I don't think there is) gets to upset her whole tour schedule and postpone her Australian dates simply because Bully St Grumpy asked her (" He asked me out!!! OMG So lucky. How could I refuse.") and he gets to go to Australia just whenever it suits him, isn't it?

    I guess that, just as BSM sang there are many ways to love (hastobefed looove makeyourownbed looove, come on, sing, you know that tune!) there are many many ways ...

    Updated February 25, 2015 at 01:19 AM by Barking

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