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  1. Four glorious hours...

    I just woke up from four hours of uninterrupted sleep. I feel good. I realize eight hours of uninterrupted sleep would have been better, but hey...If you had my luck with catching zzzz, you'd understand why that's actually something to be very pleased with.

    I was so very tired last night from not sleeping the night before and then having quite a frustrating day at the hospital with my mother yesterday. I took her for a few tests she had scheduled - one being her first mammogram since ...

    Updated January 27, 2015 at 05:50 PM by hand in glove

  2. Morrissey and the passing of time

    I try not to live in the past, but sometimes I can't help but revisit those days back in the early 1990s. In many ways it was a better time. A happier time. For me, life really began in 1992. I was 21 and was just stepping out into the world from a dark place. I had been a Morrissey fan for only three years and clung to every syllable that fell from his lips. He was a light of hope and a friend. Life had not been very kind and I'd been shattered at such a young age. Things happened that I won't ...
  3. all this kills me

    my eyes burn.
    the screen scalding them to the point that when i shut them, it feels briefly cool.
    i haven't been staring at a screen all day.
    i've been crying.
    i have always been plagued by and unable to accept the inevitability of life.
    our natural progressions haunt me.
    make me wish to be immortal.
    and choose upon whom i bestow the curse.
    for, surely, it would be wearisome as well.
    i don't know why i cannot just accept the reality ...
  4. Inside My Head

    by , January 22, 2015 at 05:04 AM (So Far From Where I Intended To Go)
    I wish I could just cry my heart out and let all of this out.I just can`t seem to do it though.I keep all of this inside me.It`s been getting harder to keep it in.I guess that`s probably one of the reason`s I used to hurt myself. I didn`t have another way of releasing those emotions.I`ve just been feeling so low today and feel like the depression is hitting me very hard today.Sometimes I don`t think I can take it for another day.I wish living inside this head wasn`t so difficult.I know life is sometimes ...
  5. This is where the growth happens

    This one time at band camp. No I did not go to band camp. But I did just come back from a team training camp. It was in the Carmel area of the California coast. Four days of training plus my other ride earlier in the week put me in a breakthrough week. A lot of fast stretches of miles and mountains climbed in a really beautiful countryside.

    We rode a lot

    Fyi not me in pic
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