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  1. Smile, It's Selfie Saturday!

  2. Delusion Busting

    I am a delusion buster. Whenever I can, I tear down illusions and pull apart delusions. Why? Because I am a rationalist—a natural skeptic. I think it is due to both genetics and environment. My mom is also pragmatic. She is my significant role model.

    As a parent, there is a fine line between being a delusion buster and being a dream crusher. One doesn't want to stifle her child's imagination—only keep it grounded in reality. You want your kid to express his/her creativity and have ...

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  3. Trails we blaze

    As you know my racing season is drawing to a close and I will be participating in other loved sports for the winter months. Mainly trail running, gym work and yes cyclocross and mtn biking.

    I love hilly trail running and did three ultra marathons in 2013. So I went out for a 3 mile technique run in hillsborough today. You know, testing the legs, foot strike, heart rate at pace, etc. I passed by a canyon I have run in for ...

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  4. Fatigue is the enemy

    It's right before bed for me now and I realize I haven't watched TV in weeks (I watch very little anyway). Sometimes I wonder how we can do what we want to do sometimes. Thinking about this came over me after a totally full yesterday. A totally full today just made it more relevant. It's not about driving yourself into the ground. It's about foreseeing what I need to do, what I want to do, and what am I going to do specifically to make all of that come together.

  5. Dread

    Lack of sleep. No sleep. Staying up too late. I'm a night owl, though. I just don't sleep well - at all. As demonstrated in my last blog. It's hard however to go to sleep at a decent hour when you don't get home until after 10pm. I don't like working Friday nights because I have to be at work early Saturday morning.

    There is a man at work who has made it quite clear that he's interested in me. I work with him on Saturdays and even though we, as a group, get along fairly well, ...
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