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  1. Let Me Get What I Want

    I found a company for whom I would actually LOVE to work. So, in typical Charlie fashion, I just wrote the owner.
    I didn't even look for employment listings for the company.
    Didn't check for a human resources contact. I just went straight to the MAN. It will either work, or it won't.
    What have I to lose?
    I'm already not working for them, and that's the worst that could happen, so....
    Really cool company. I sincerely hope it comes to something. It's just the way ...
  2. TTY: Sydney book signing at Books Kinokuniya (May 22, 2015 5 pm)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
    Haha probably. There were surprisingly fewer people there than I anticipated!
    The woman from the store organising the queue said, "a lot" of people applied and 150 were chosen. The people on the wait list all got signed and it was all over in an hour. Clearly "a lot" of people stayed away as they thought there was no point showing up.
    He was lovely to people and someone intercepted what was signed and I reckon he would have signed anything but they only passed the ...
  3. Give Me a Break

    I need a break. Wow, has it been a taxing and intense last six weeks. My training ended last Friday. I have been set free to sink or swim. Yesterday was Crazy with a capital C. Five appointments! Fortunately all were pleasant and patientówhile I got my footing. Everyone has been telling me it takes years to learn this job and they still don't know everything. I think that is reassuring. I still haven't decided.

    I will still be traveling to Flagstaff on Thursdays to meet with clients ...

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  4. These Smiths

    On May 3rd, I went to Ducie Bridge in Manchester with a lovely writer/former Manc band member, whom I have not asked for permission to divulge his name, so, as per MOW policy, he shall, here, remain nameless. Unless he reads this and says it's ok....
    Isn't it nice to know what a confidant I can be?!
    Better than a priest and psychiatrist, for sure!
    Anyway, we saw a Smiths tribute band that just totally blew me away!
    I wasn't expecting to get such a convincing Moz tone ...

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  5. Survivors Guilt

    I'm a survivor. I have survived two major medical illnesses. Why have I arrived on the other side whereas others with similar illnesses have lost the battle or are continuing to fight for their livesódaily, hourly? Why me? Why not me?

    When I got spinal cancer at age 16, I could have felt pity for myself. Instead I decided not to be a victim but rather a warrior. I was going to live, dammit. Thirty years later, I remain cancer free. I have a few scarsóbattle woundsóbut I am walking ...

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