Moz mention in Melissa Auf der Maur interview
posted by davidt on Monday March 15 2010, @05:00AM

skellngtn sends the link / excerpt:
Melissa Auf der Maur: 'I hope Courtney Love finds happiness' - The Guardian

perhaps the only time in history that Morrissey and Danzig are mentioned together in the same sentence.

Is what you do feminine?
M: Definitely. Am I feminine? Yes, although I did look like a boy until I was 25. I was pretty androgynous for as long as a woman can be. Have I become more feminine? Yes. But do I prefer frontmen like Danzig and Morrissey over any woman? Yes. So I think I like androgynous, feminine forces. Ozzy Osbourne and Jimmy Page they're witchy, feminine men

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She is talented, and more (Score:1)
She brought grace to the Pumpkins... why is she no longer associated with the Pumpkins?

I actually don't care much for Smashing Pumpkins. Their "farewell" album was very nice, and Melissa seemed wonderful. She seems to carry herself well, and she plays bass beautifully. I didn't care for Hole, however. My one favorite by SP is "Stand Inside Your Love."

Any ideas?
sycophantic_slag -- Monday March 15 2010, @07:16AM (#350183)
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"And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
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    Re:She is talented, and more (Score:2, Interesting)
    I agree Melissa was great with The Smashing Pumpkins!! I wish her the best! The Smashing Pumpkins are my 2nd favorite musical artist of all-time, right behind my number one Morrissey.(Morcheeba is my #3, The Smiths are fourth, and Echobelly fifth.) "Stand Inside Your Love" is a good song but wouldnt be in my top 40 Pumpkins songs of all-time. Since reforming The Pumpkins in 2007 Billy Corgan has made several tremendous songs! Songs such as "Neverlost" (2007), "The Rose March" (2008), "Pox" (2008), "Song For A Son" (2010), "Widow Wake My Mind" (2010), and "A Stitch In Time" (2010)!! (The last three have been released for free to the general public on The Smashing Pumpkins official website.) I'd Love to hear Morrissey cover "Song For A Son"! The lyrics are great in this song and Morrissey would really give these words added depth with his wonderful voice! Also there's an interesting article on Billy Corgan in the latest "Rolling Stone" music rag. Ken, I hope you give The Pumpkins another listen and maybe you'll appreciate them more. The following is a list of some of their best older songs. Most of them can be found on Itunes! "Snap" (1988), "Jennifer Ever" (1988), "Not Worth Asking" (1989), "Today" (1993), "Plume" (1994), "Whir"(1994),"Galapogos" (1995), "Pennies" (1996), "Set The Ray To Jerry" (1996), "Never Let Me Down Again" (1998, a cover of the De Peche Mode song), "Blank Page" (1998), "I Of The Mourning" (2000), "Soul Power" (2000, a cover of the James Brown song), and "Vanity" (2000).
    Leopold Dilg -- Sunday March 21 2010, @05:29PM (#350391)
    (User #21023 Info)
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    Ozzy Osbourne feminine?? (Score:0)
    Well, that's an original conclusion at least....
    Anonymous -- Monday March 15 2010, @07:51AM (#350185)
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    oh glenn danzig... (Score:0)
    "Oh Glenn
    Don't come to the house tonight
    Oh Glenn
    Oh Glenn
    Don't come to the house tonight
    Oh Glenn
    Because there's somebody here
    Who really really loves you
    Oh Glenn"
    Anonymous -- Monday March 15 2010, @09:24PM (#350236)
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      Morrissey / Danzig similarities (Score:1, Interesting)
      I've heard the two mentioned in the same sentence many times over the years. Both were frontmen for profoundly important bands that grew more popular after they split up. Both men were strongly influenced by films of the 60's, Bowie, Elvis, Velevet Underground, Ramones, New York Dolls. Both went on to have success as solo artists. The comparisons could go on indefinitely. I had the pleasure of catching both perform (seperately) on the same night in NYC during the fall of 2006. I'll never forget hearing Smiths and Misfits songs performed live by the singers who wrote those songs (on the same night) Unbelievable !!!
      Anonymous -- Tuesday March 16 2010, @09:14PM (#350271)
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