Album to be reviewed on BBC Radio Four (Feb. 14)
posted by davidt on Friday February 13 2009, @08:00AM

Benton writes:
Years of Refusal will be discussed on Radio Four's "Saturday Review"

"19:15 14 February 2009

Tom Sutcliffe and guests Adam Mars-Jones, Bidisha and Matthew D'Ancona review the week's cultural highlights, including Morrissey's new album, Years of Refusal."


This is probably the BBC Radio equivalent of Newsnight Review (which appears to be giving Moz a miss again).

Spectator editor D'Ancona is another tory Moz fan.

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does (Score:0, Offtopic)
Milwall play today?

if so, Morrissey might be a bit late, or the play
outside by a team near greater London erea

bartender, a cappucino, the absinth got me a
knocked out, so I woke op with high heels and
my boxershort is gone
Celibate Cry <> -- Saturday February 14 2009, @12:33AM (#321084)
(User #220 Info)
and the hills are alive with celibate cries
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    Critics (Score:1)
    The critics were quite good. The converasation was between 4 people I think, from whom the three were very positive
    orestes3009 -- Saturday February 14 2009, @02:13PM (#321150)
    (User #21090 Info)
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      Listen again (Score:1)
      This is still available to savour at [] for anyone who missed it. The YOR review lasts for about the first 15 minutes, 3 or so minutes in, with one or two references to Morrissey later in the programme. I really enjoyed how the presenter segued from news coverage of an apology from a senior financier to shareholders and customers, to the reply in the form of Morrissey's song 'Sorry Doesn't Help'! A song that every day is accumulating more similar meaning!
      goinghome -- Monday February 16 2009, @10:55AM (#321336)
      (User #12673 Info)
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