MAMA launch bid to takeover Sanctuary
posted by davidt on Monday July 24 2006, @10:00AM

An anonymous person writes:
Under-pressure UK music group Sanctuary has received a takeover approach from smaller rival MAMA.

Sanctuary said the "unsolicited approach from MAMA may or may not lead to an offer for the company".

Full story:

MAMA eyes up Sanctuary takeover - BBC News

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Do it Sanctuary (but don't call it MAMA)! (Score:1)
Sanctuary messed up big time on so much, when they had so much to work with, so if MAMA can do something (they do have some other musical interests to add), than do it...Sanctuary is the name they should stick with or go for something that sounds better than's unfair to the Sanctuary roster to have to put up with anymore of Sanctuary's incompetence...
defari -- Monday July 24 2006, @10:16AM (#229500)
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    Bad news for Moz? (Score:1, Informative)
    Saw this on another website:
    Kaiser Chiefs and Franz Ferdinand management company MAMA is thinking of taking over Sanctuary Records. However if it does this will see the end of the UK's largest independent record company as they will just will do tours and artist management. So this could mean that Morrissey, Charlatans, Idlewild, Alison Moyet will all be with out a record deal again.
    Anonymous -- Monday July 24 2006, @10:19AM (#229502)
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      Re:Bad news for Moz? (Score:2, Insightful)
      Interesting and scary thought...however I don't think that if Moz is dropped that it would be another 7 years til he got signed....the buzz created by YATQ and okay sales should that MOZ was still able to sell and garner interest in the US...YATQ and ROTT did well in Europe and he is still a force on as a touring act...any label could see that ROTT failed in the US cus no publicity meant no one knew it came out...if anything the Euro sales alone means he's gonna get signed if he's a free agent again!
      defari -- Monday July 24 2006, @10:29AM (#229507)
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      The headline pains me (Score:0)
      as the verb is 'take over', not 'takeover'
      Anonymous -- Tuesday July 25 2006, @01:59AM (#229608)
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      Could be a good thing? (Score:1)
      If MAMA are serious and take this business on, why wouldn't they keep Moz on? He's the only one that's managed to get Sanctuary a #1 album! Only thing is, he might throw all his toys out the pram again... Rough Trade or Domino here we come?
      Elsie -- Tuesday July 25 2006, @02:45AM (#229615)
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      "The more scholastically educated a man is generally, the more he is an emotional bore"
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