ROTT expected to chart lower than YATQ in U.S.
posted by davidt on Thursday April 06 2006, @10:00AM

Torr writes:
Here are Moz's previous Billboard chart highs:

#11 You Are the Quarry
#18 Vauxhall and I
#21 Your Arsenal
#48 Viva Hate
#52 Kill Uncle
#59 Bona Drag
#61 Maladjusted
#66 Southpaw Grammar
#119 Live From Earl's Court
#134 World of Morrissey

From Hits Daily Double: ...followed by several acts grouped together in the 30-40k range, including Sanctuary's Morrissey, Warner Bros.' Flaming Lips, Universal's Blue October and New Century Records' Lacuna Coil, which could very well put them in the teens or low twenties in next week's chart.

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Big surprise... (Score:1)
YATQ had a huge publicity blitz that is pretty much nonexistent for ROTT here in the U.S. so it's not surprising that it's going to chart lower.
mozorder -- Thursday April 06 2006, @12:40PM (#209463)
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    This blows. (Score:0)
    I think it would have been great for Morrissey to have his first Top 10 U.S. album. Or, really, would it have been? Maybe not. I mean, I remember when the Smiths were just some weird "new wave" band to most of America. New Wave was what we used called Modern before that became Alernative. Sometimes it was called College.

    Is this company he really should be keeping? Isn't it better to not join a club where the other members are Pink, or TI by King? (Or is it King by TI??) I mean we all know Morrissey is no Ghostface Killer (or is it Killah).
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 06 2006, @12:43PM (#209464)
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      Wait and see... (Score:1)
      Moz probably won't chart in the U.S. top ten but definately in the top twenty. This is all still speculation as the weekend sales period isn't upon us yet for Rott...also a lot depends on second week sales of last weeks debuts and their probable sales drops...
      defari -- Thursday April 06 2006, @01:32PM (#209471)
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      no big surprise (Score:0)
      Anything is still possible -- stranger things have happened, indeed -- but i agree with what's said above.

      YATQ had a lot of buzz behind it as it was "the comeback," plus the Craig Kilborn show helped by name-dropping him and hyping up his week of performances (before he got ill), etc.

      I've seen virtually nothing promoting the new album almost anywhere.

      I'm sure he'll still do reasonably well for an artist that's been around as long as he has, existing in something of an alternative cult status (in the US, anyway - even though it's a rather large, ravenous cult!).
      Anonymous -- Thursday April 06 2006, @01:46PM (#209478)
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        Too many downloads...... (Score:0)
        This is what downloads do to you. Suffer Little Children!
        Anonymous -- Thursday April 06 2006, @09:39PM (#209557)
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          Who Cares? (Score:1)
          Who cares about chart placings? There majority of those who buy his albums nowadays, in England at any rate, are those attempting to be trendy by liking something originally released on Rough Trade in 1983. Its time the masses were stripped back and the real fans (Of which I am CERTAINLY one) came out of the woodwork. Sixteen-year-olds in skinny jeans should be rounded up and driven into the Rochdale Canal.
          Knott Miller -- Friday April 07 2006, @07:30AM (#209686)
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          • Re:Who Cares? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 07 2006, @10:54PM
            • Re:Who Cares? by Knott Miller (Score:1) Monday April 10 2006, @02:50AM

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