Morrissey pizza party SXSW
posted by davidt on Tuesday March 21 2006, @10:00AM

SZ writes:
A friend of mine had plans with friends for dinner last Thursday night in Austin prior to Morrissey's SXSW show. Then their 1 1/2 year old decided she needed Mangia pizza in Austin (noted by the large green cartoon dinosaur)and so they cancelled their plans and took her to Mangia instead.

Needless to say they were quite surprised when who walked in for dinner but MORRISSEY and his band prior to their show!

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mangias? waterloo? (Score:1)
the upside of having Jesse on board is that he can be taken to all of the good places when in town.

and the downside is now that Jesse has been gone for a while, he doesn't know that Home Slice is the hip place to go....
suzanne <{suzsch} {at} {}> -- Tuesday March 21 2006, @10:28AM (#204702)
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I scare dead people.
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They did WHAT? (Score:1)
These parents cancelled their plans to see Moz because their child wanted pizza? Those are some WEAK parents. Perhaps they are not familiar with the phrase, "No" (or at least, "Not tonight, we can go tomorrow.)

wemissumoz * <{nhsgary} {at} {}> -- Tuesday March 21 2006, @10:38AM (#204708)
(User #4088 Info)
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What I wonder... (Score:1)
... is, when Moz & gang swaggered in, did the moon hit their eyes like a big pizza pie? That's really what I'd like to know. : )
goinghome -- Tuesday March 21 2006, @12:03PM (#204750)
(User #12673 Info)
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only in texas (Score:0)
so they were on the way to the show with a 1 1/2 year old child???? sounds like they need to take it a little easy on the moonshine over there.
Anonymous -- Tuesday March 21 2006, @12:07PM (#204751)
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Oh stop giving those parents a hard time! (Score:1)

Obviously their 1 and a half year old made a wise decision.
You're all just jealous. Yeesh.
triggerFit -- Tuesday March 21 2006, @12:32PM (#204761)
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It's my Life to wreck.
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    better than delivery (Score:1)
    and quite possibly the only fans in town not at the venue.
    Rampant Accountant -- Tuesday March 21 2006, @01:21PM (#204780)
    (User #15966 Info)
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    no wonder moz is fat (Score:0)
    lay off the pizza mozzer.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 21 2006, @04:24PM (#204825)
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      pizza (Score:0)
      Fuck, I'd love a pizza now. I'm Hank Marvin.
      Anonymous -- Tuesday March 21 2006, @04:43PM (#204831)
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        The moral of the story is... (Score:1)
        because the parents put the child's needs before their own, they got to see Morrissey and band walk
        into the pizza parlor. Now, that's what I call a great appetizer.

        Give that kid an ice cream! Now, if only that kid can predict lottery numbers...
        mozmic_dancer -- Wednesday March 22 2006, @04:58AM (#204896)
        (User #11277 Info)
        "I am the fun and the fair, on a Mozsite for the criminally insane..."
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