"Irish Blood, English Heart" featured on Jools Holland DVD
posted by davidt on Monday October 17 2005, @11:00AM

Belligerent Ghoul sends the links:

Later With Jools Holland - Cool Britannia 2 - Amazon.com
Release date: October 24, 2005

Featuring the tracklist: Blur - 'Song 2', Snow Patrol - 'Run', Manic Street Preachers - 'If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next', The Libertines - 'Boys In The Band', Morrissey - 'Irish Blood, English Heart', Oasis - 'Cigarettes And Alcohol', Badly Drawn Boy - 'Silent Sigh', Franz Ferdinand - 'Michael' and Coldplay - 'Trouble'.

Later - with Jools Holland, Cool Britannia 2 (3/5 stars) - The Guardian

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cool dvd cover (Score:1)
and the other tracks are pretty cushdy. That's the classic example of an xmas present I’ll buy for my dad and end up keeping for myself
I cant sand that Jools Holland tho, I dunno whether it's the smug little face or nauseating voice or the fact that he always interviews Moz really badly. I drove past his house in Greenwich once, it looks like something from “the prisoner” .. anyway this essay won’t write itself…
xXx_Mrs_Moz_xXx -- Monday October 17 2005, @11:18AM (#181856)
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"The Earl of Sandwich invented the sandwich, Samuel Morse invented the Morse Code & Plato invented the plate"
There is also... (Score:1)
"Later...Cool Britannia" which has Moz performing "Boy Racer".


"Later With Jools Holland…10 Years", Morrissey performing "Suedehead".

see all the "Later" discs here:
http://idealcopy.american-data.net/Merchant2/merch ant.mvc?
These are all US issue DVD's though.
Amazon.co.uk appears to have them also for the UK regieon DVD.

someraincoatedlovers * -- Wednesday October 19 2005, @08:06AM (#182200)
(User #10290 Info)
We've been too long American Dreaming, And I think we all lost the way.
    DVD Extra (Score:1)
    As an extra, the DVD also features the interview with Moz from last year. ("I refuse to answer the door...")
    deathfornoreason -- Wednesday October 19 2005, @11:52AM (#182236)
    (User #11135 Info)
    You don't agree, but you don't refuse - I know you

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