Julie Burchill on (hypothetical) sex with Morrissey
posted by davidt on Monday June 13 2005, @10:00AM

An anonymous person writes:
Julie Burchill has been talking about Morrissey in interview again, to amusing and somewhat bizarre effect. After recalling their old hostile meeting and how they've made up on the e-mails again; she says:-

"I adore the man. He seems to be very civilised now; he seems more happy. Isn't it funny it took America to make him more relaxed? I said to him, `You've grown into your looks, you look like someone's sexy uncle that you'd get off with at a wedding.` And he said in his brilliantly witty way `Why do you think I go to so many weddings - known to me are not?` What a wonderfully Morrissey thing to say. Would you sleep with Morrissey if he asked and you were gay? If he was straight and I was single I still think I wouldn't do it. I'd just be thinking "Oh fuck its Morrissey!" the whole time."

"You would?! But you'd have to slap him round a bit afterwards!! That's what Madonna said about Billy Ray Cyrus. She said `I'd do him, but I'd have to slap him round a bit and make him cry afterwards because of Achey Breaky Heart` and I'd have to do that to Morrissey because - what's the crap thing he's done?- ‘Bengali In Platforms’? Course he's a genius, but you wouldn't wanna live with him would you?"

The whole interview can be found on Spike Magazine here.

Its a very long interview; the relevant bits are about fourteen paragraphs up from the end...

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(Don't) 'let me kiss you!' (Score:2, Insightful)
They must be quite fond of eachother, and somehow, rather than 'killing the thing they love', their mutual admiration thrives when a distance is kept and there's freedom and humourous openness without animosity.

A rather sweet insight into the partial entanglement of two culturally iconic intelligent modern minds.
goinghome -- Monday June 13 2005, @11:40AM (#166766)
(User #12673 Info)
Billy Ray Cyrus? (Score:0)
Well,thats the first time ive heard him, Madonna and Moz mentioned in the same paragraph!

And while quite funny, I kinda hope its the last too......
Anonymous -- Tuesday June 14 2005, @12:11AM (#166823)
    wotz goin on ere (Score:0)
    ave we go to put with reports on everything this ole slapper 'as to say now.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 14 2005, @04:34AM (#166839)
      Bitch on Bitch Action (Score:0)
      Can anyone actually imagine Morrissey and Julie at it? Funnily enough I can, and i like it! How sick does that make me?!

      Anonymous -- Tuesday June 14 2005, @07:01AM (#166863)
      Gay or not (Score:0)
      I'd do him anyday, anyday, anyday....
      Anonymous -- Tuesday June 14 2005, @08:42AM (#166880)
        It's now official then - Morrissey is Gay (Score:0)
        Is it now common knowledge that Morrissey is gay?

        I thought only other gays could say that.

        I can say Boz is fat and Alain is a schizophrenic too, for obvious reasons

        Anonymous -- Tuesday June 14 2005, @08:45AM (#166882)
        She may try to pass as witty... (Score:1)
        ...when she said "God I sound gay, I sound like Morrissey!"

        She wasn't being witty, she was trying to mock or perhaps ridicule Morrissey.
        It's clear, by the way she brought it up, out of nowhere into the conversation.

        Makes me wonder why Moz writes to her. She seems far from being his "friend", name-dropping, looking for publicity like this.

        And, before someone assumes I am a homophobe, I must say I am always up for discussing the ambiguity in Morrissey's music and speculating whether he likes men or/and women based on his interviews, but within the context of a conversation, not like Burchill did.
        lg <lauravguerra@gmail.com> -- Tuesday June 14 2005, @11:37PM (#167080)
        (User #12253 Info)
        To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance
        Burchill strikes again (Score:1)
        I've never really been impressed by Julie Burchill, but I can see why Moz might like her, as she seems to have an inbuilt need to be controversial with every other sentence. He probably won't agree with much of what she says, but when someone makes the word 'Fuck' sound intelligent, I guess you've won Morrissey's heart.
        As for the old sexuality chestnut I'll go with the theory that we're all bisexual, Morrissey included (or maybe he's still asexual, experience tells me there is such a thing).
        Mozzersgirl -- Wednesday June 15 2005, @03:34AM (#167102)
        (User #14229 Info)
        But we can't give you love and rhetoric without the blood. Blood is compulsory.
          Why Don't You? (Score:0)
          She's not even Jewish, dick-head. And I suspect she overdoes the pro-Israel bit because so many people like you exist in the world.
          Anonymous -- Tuesday June 14 2005, @03:43AM (#166832)
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            SF, How is it going you cunt? (Score:0)
            Seriously Flawed, why don't YOU just fuck off to a Nazi convention!

            Nazi cunt!
            Anonymous -- Tuesday June 14 2005, @06:15AM (#166851)
            [ Parent ]
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