Audio clip of Tori's Moz bashing
posted by davidt on Friday June 10 2005, @10:00AM

eugenius writes:
Here's the clip (wma format) of Tori Amos lashing out at Morrissey at her recent manc gig...

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School Children! (Score:2, Insightful)
She says "fuck", they laugh like school children. I doubt Morrissey would have said "what the fuck do you know", it's not his style...he might have said "what do you know".
DanielGaunt -- Friday June 10 2005, @10:13AM (#166443)
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Tori Amos is a BITCH (Score:0)
That's all there is to say about her. What was the horrible house record that was hammered years ago? "Widow" something? she is a right COW.
Anonymous -- Friday June 10 2005, @10:25AM (#166449)
  • Re:Tori Amos is a BITCH by DavidBeauy (Score:1) Friday June 10 2005, @10:46AM
      Re:Tori Amos is a BITCH (Score:2, Interesting)
      Surely you jest? As an amateur musicologist and musician I must assume you are joking with the credit you have handed out. Tori Amos is an artist on the level of Menudo, Eddie Rabbit, Sir MixALot or perhaps Insane Clown Posse. Her style is abhorable, her song writing adolescent and her fans...well...many may be tone deaf.

      Please let me offer this advice to assist you in finding a female songwriter more worthy of the title artist. Siouxie Sioux, Diamanda Galas, Carolyn Crawley (Shellyann Orphan), Stevie Nicks or perhaps Anna Domino. These women like many others broke new ground with an innovation in song structure, personal style and a sheer drive for independance.

      Drag a key across that Tori disc for me. Would you be that kind to a stranger?

      MOZ IS GOD * -- Friday June 10 2005, @04:30PM (#166503)
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Thanks Tori. (Score:0)
Now go back and write another tuneless song about your being raped; AGAIN!
If Alanis Morrissette and Kate Bush were able to have a baby together, you would be their offspring... And I would recommend they abort you.
no talent whatsoever.
Anonymous -- Friday June 10 2005, @11:16AM (#166456)
Tori who? (Score:0)
Talentless bitch singing tuneless tripe. Enough said.
Anonymous -- Friday June 10 2005, @11:25AM (#166457)
  • Re:Tori who? by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday June 11 2005, @04:41PM
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    What she say? (Score:2, Funny)
    Praise the Lord for Broadbean access!

    If it wasn't for the transcribing of her monologuette I wouldn't have the slightest clue to what she said. And I had the volume whacked right up.

    Sorry Toss more like!
    and2rew -- Friday June 10 2005, @11:46AM (#166462)
    (User #8232 Info)
      Who is Tori Amos? (Score:3, Interesting)
      Oh yeah that one that used to have a music career people paid attention to? What a foolish woman to shoot herself in the foot like that.

      FIRST She should have thought that she would have some of the same fans as Morrissey. This comment would turn any of those people off and lets be frank here....Morrissey's fans are FAR more passionate and loyal to him. Morrissey is ten times the artist he is. He is a legend. She was one of many in her class.

      SECOND It is simply unprofessional of her to air her dirty laundry on her stage and slander another artist. I hate to say it but if I were Morrissey I might sue her. She has no evidence of him ever saying that but he has evidence of her slanderous rant. This is Morrissey's career and people might take her at face value. You can tell some people in the crowd bought her rant.

      THIRD It's simply immature of her. This could be a sign of frustration over her failed career and fruitless comeback attempt. Oh and by the way Morrissey succeeded at his return didn't he? On his terms. Without compromise. I haven't seen or heard of Tori on any media outlet for years. Years. Not a video, not a song, not a marketing poster. She is done.

      I had some respect for Tori just for being an artist and getting out there with her music that she wanted to present. Now I think she's a spoiled has been who makes very bad judgement calls. I wish I was at the show so I could have gotten kicked out of it after she made those ignorant remarks and I told her what I thought from the crowd.
      MOZ IS GOD * -- Friday June 10 2005, @04:18PM (#166502)
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      Does anyone know... (Score:0)
      how to write Tori, through her record company or manager? I think it'd be more effective to write that talentless nutter than just complain about her on here. Also, I am going to start a petition for everyone to sign that does not want her to come to TN to perform. Shouldn't be hard to do, since my friends and I are Christians anyway, and she is a complete pagan.
      girlafraid33 -- Friday June 10 2005, @05:33PM (#166505)
      (User #14185 Info)
      Aimless (Score:1, Funny)
      What was it, the great John Lydon called her ?
      Tori Aimless.
      Anonymous -- Friday June 10 2005, @06:35PM (#166511)
        Miserable Lie (Score:0)
        You've got more than the dead, so zip up your mouth.
        Anonymous -- Saturday June 11 2005, @04:45AM (#166544)
          Tori Amos is STILL a Bitch! (Score:0)
          She has a Mad COW disease. She is an oozing horrible lesbian with Absolutely no fucking taste. Her career is over. I'm so sorry....not!
          Anonymous -- Saturday June 11 2005, @08:24AM (#166567)
          haha (Score:0)
          Oh Well..she's a dumb bitch.
          Anonymous -- Saturday June 11 2005, @01:37PM (#166582)
            Dumb Yanks (Score:0)
            This site is full of redneck bible bashing Yanks.
            Victory to the Iraqi insurgents.
            Anonymous -- Sunday June 12 2005, @04:02PM (#166671)
              Slight Over-Reaction? (a red bull fuelled ramble) (Score:2, Insightful)
              So Tori Amos had a negative encounter with Morrissey: hardly a rarity in the music business. Some of the reactions on here are frankly embarrassing and display a disturbing and surprising level of misogyny (whore, bitch and slut appearing frequently in many of the various posts and threads on this topic). I'm a big fan of Morrissey's music but the posters on here who see him as a god and infalible make me cringe. It is sometimes reminiscent of Michael Jackson's lunatic fringe! Tori Amos disses Morrissey on stage: wow. What makes Morrissey above criticism when at times during his career he's taken pot shots at countless bands and artists? Its all part of the business.

              I'm actually a fan of Tori Amos, "Little Earthquakes" is an absolute classic. But she does tend to get passionate when talking (she gave a baffling interview to the Independent On Sunday around the time of her last album) so her comments should be taken witha pinch of salt.

              So, how about a bit of growing up. And boys, try and get over the fear of girls: they don't smell and they aren't horrible.

              Stitchell -- Monday June 13 2005, @01:10AM (#166698)
              (User #11719 Info)
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