Santiago review in El Mercurio, photos
posted by davidt on Saturday November 06 2004, @12:00PM

An anonymous person writes:

Today, at El Mercurio newspaper's website.

Benditos por Morrissey - La Música Emol

More photos from Chile - link posted by GustavooOoo

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    Nice! (Score:1)
    Those are some really impressive pictures - but are they stills from a television airing? Thay look like that to me.
    Poppycocteau <> -- Saturday November 06 2004, @02:30PM (#136250)
    (User #9489 Info)
    We are ugly but we have the music
      Morrissey In Chile! (Score:0, Offtopic)
      Thank you, whoever you are, those are some of the best pics I have ever seen! I loved the shot where he's sticking his tongue out, and making a funny face. He was not kidding; he really does have a long tongue! (ahh to experience it! I can bet that he is an excellent kisser - haha- but seriously folks, the man gets better than ever! I know I am preaching to the choir, so to speak, but he's so lovely and he's simply Moz. We are lucky, so lucky...
      Colleen1962 <> -- Sunday November 07 2004, @11:48AM (#136329)
      (User #12222 Info)
        comentary concert in Chile (Score:0)
        I think that: Morrisey is a God... I was happy and I'm criying for the amazing concert in Chile (04 november)
        Anonymous -- Sunday November 07 2004, @08:30PM (#136375)
          strange not to see polly jean playing guitar (Score:1)
          (very strange...)
          thirsty fists <> -- Monday November 08 2004, @06:16AM (#136406)
          (User #149 Info)
          "world's ugliest boy"

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