Ed Harcourt on Morrissey
posted by davidt on Friday August 13 2004, @10:00AM

Matt Holt writes:

Hey guys, not sure if you use this sort of stuff but i went to an Ed Harcourt gig in birmingham the other night and got a chance to speak to the man after the show. He talked about how everyone seems to be trying to be Jeff Buckley these days and I asked him if he felt the Smiths/Moz were an influence on his work and he said that he'd been a longtime fan! I asked him if he'd heard 'You Are the Quarry', to which he replied yes, followed by bursting into the opening of 'America is not the world' while signing autographs!

As i said, not sure if u guys use this sort of stuff, thought i'd drop it in anyway.

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    ed who? (Score:0)
    who's ed harcourt?

    Anonymous -- Friday August 13 2004, @10:51AM (#119237)
    • Re:ed who? by half-a-person (Score:1) Friday August 13 2004, @11:34AM
      Ed Harcourt - Last of the Troubadors (Score:1)
      Ed Harcourt is an english singer-songwriter. His two albums "Here Be Monters" and "From Every Sphere") have been on hi-rotate on my stereo for the last few years.

      He doesn't sound anything like Morrissey, and a lot of his music is piano based. However, chances are Smiths fan may find something to appreciate in his music. Like Moz, he can be sad and funnay at the same time, and has a brilliant sense of melody.

      He has a new record out next month (I think). He also covered a Smiths song last year for a BBC show ... I can't remember what it was, but I have an MP3 of it on my work computer somewhere, and can upload it and post a link early next week when I'm back in the office, if anyone's interested.
      LawrenceM -- Friday August 13 2004, @12:58PM (#119268)
      (User #3228 Info | http://listen.to/orangejuice )
      "I wore my fringe like Roger McGuinn"
      ahhh (Score:0)
      thanks for all the details everyone! LoL

      up til now, never heard of him. that's what i get for being stuck with L.A. radio...gRRRR
      Anonymous -- Friday August 13 2004, @02:52PM (#119292)
        Morrissey-Mania! (Score:1)
        America may not be the world but Morrissey seems to be for so many people.

        Is it safe to say there's a "Morrissey-mania"?

        I am ofcourse excluding the ape donning the Smiths t-shirt on the front page of this site. Why hasn't someone removed it, yet?
        Tiki Goddess -- Saturday August 14 2004, @08:23AM (#119363)
        (User #11842 Info)
        ...because we must...
          Cool stuff. (Score:0)
          Wow, that's really groovy! Firstly, that you actually got to talk to Ed, and secondly that he's such a big Moz/Smiths fan!

          He covered Please, Please, Please... I think, for the 20th anniversary of Hand In Glove's release, and I've been unsuccessfully trying to download it for a while.

          I agree that his music isn't very Smiths-y, but it's really pretty and it's great to have more piano-based music.
          Anonymous -- Sunday August 15 2004, @08:11AM (#119438)
            Ed's Smiths cover ... MP3 (Score:2, Informative)
            There's an MP3 of Ed's cover of "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" here:


            I'll take it down in a few days, so get in quick ...

            LawrenceM -- Sunday August 15 2004, @12:45PM (#119448)
            (User #3228 Info | http://listen.to/orangejuice )
            "I wore my fringe like Roger McGuinn"

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