"Panic" cited in Tour de France coverage
posted by davidt on Monday July 19 2004, @12:00PM

CaffeineBloodstream writes:

In the Outdoor Life Network's coverage of the Tour de France, commentator Paul Sherwen cited the opening line from "Panic". In Stage 4 from Cambrai to Arras, Tyler Hamilton's Phonak team was down to the minimum five riders needed to complete the Team Time Trial. Paul said to fellow commentator Phil Liggett, "I cannot believe this. This is bad. This is panic on the streets of London, or should I say panic on the streets of Northern France." Here is an audio clip (385K mp3).

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    hehe (Score:1)
    dallow_bg <{brainboy77} {at} {aol.com}> -- Monday July 19 2004, @12:24PM (#115740)
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    "All the people I like are those that are dead."
      panic... (Score:0)
      Yeah,they showed that on ITV 2 here in the UK.I was taken aback when Paul Sherwin said that.I wonder if he's a Smiths/Morrissey fan???
      Anonymous -- Monday July 19 2004, @03:28PM (#115774)
        panic (Score:0)
        panic on the streets of london
        panic on the streets of northern france
        i wonder to myself
        could they ever catch up again
        in the green striped tops that they're wearing
        i wonder to myself
        Anonymous -- Tuesday July 20 2004, @04:24AM (#115889)

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