Michael Stipe mentions Morrissey at DC concert
posted by davidt on Friday October 10 2003, @08:00AM

Nick P writes:

Michael Stipe, during a particularly rocking REM concert outside of Washington, DC last night, addressed the crowd with "I'm sorry i can't provide more dramatic dialogue for you- I'm not Morrissey" after the band's first song. He went on to say that Morrissey is a "damn fine songwriter" as well as several other admiring lines for Moz. The crowd loved it!
An anonymous person also writes:

Thought readers may be interested in knowing that Michael Stipe mentioned Morrissey on stage the other night. After making an obscure joke before going into a song, Stipe later asked the crowd if he should explain his comment, saying "I'm not Morrissey." He went on for a moment to express admiration for Morrissey as he spoke.

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    Hey, kids, rock and roll! (Score:1)
    I know lots of people here really dislike Mr Stipe...but I love him. It makes me feel all tingly to hear him say these things about someone else I admire. That's nice isn't it?
    SundownPlayboy -- Friday October 10 2003, @08:26AM (#76479)
    (User #8548 Info)
    Rumour (Score:0)
    Why the compliment? Are the rumours true that Stipe and Morrissey are a little closer than just friends?
    Anonymous -- Friday October 10 2003, @08:41AM (#76489)
    • Re:Rumour by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday October 10 2003, @09:05AM
      eeeuurrggghhh... it's making me ill. (Score:1, Funny)
      Stop all this speculumation about whether Morrissey is a mattress muncher. The thought of him kissing anyone makes me heave.

      If I want to think of anyone getting it on I want it to be me.
      and2rew -- Friday October 10 2003, @12:05PM (#76524)
      (User #8232 Info)
        what else did he say then. (Score:0)
        Anonymous -- Friday October 10 2003, @01:00PM (#76531)
          Media Whore (Score:1)
          He's obviously only saying these things to get on the front page of Morrissey-Solo.

          I don't know why David T gives him the free publicity.
          Benton -- Monday October 13 2003, @03:53PM (#76725)
          (User #7241 Info)
          Michael Stipe and Moz (Score:0)
          At the Brixton REM show, Michael told a story of how he saw the Smiths on the meat is murder tour at Brixton. He said he liked the way Moz used to lean into the crowd - he thought it wa so cool he would steal it, and as you see today when you watch REM live he does 'Morrissey Dip' - Interesting? - Thats all. - JOHN
          Anonymous -- Wednesday October 15 2003, @02:58AM (#76873)

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