Smiths voted #22 by Virgin Radio listeners
posted by davidt on Friday January 03 2003, @08:30AM

Serita R writes:

The Smiths have been voted into 22nd place in a new poll by Virgin Radio listeners entitled The Top 100 Great British Artists. Surprisingly, Queen headed the list followed by The Beatles and Oasis. Perhaps even more shocking was Spandau Ballet making the list at #88. A complete list of results can be seen here: Virgin Radio Top 100 British Artists.

Johan de Witt also writes:

On New Year's Eve Virgin radio counted down the top 100 best British artists ever, as voted bij its listeners. The Smiths only became 22nd. Before other 80s acts such as The Cure, Depeche Mode or Joy Division, but behind New Order, The Stranglers and even Paul Weller.

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    I see that Hatful of Hollow is on sale on a link (Score:1)
    from that site for 6.66

    The number of the Beast!
    David T (different) -- Friday January 03 2003, @03:03PM (#52315)
    (User #256 Info)
      Surprised to see.. (Score:1)
      .. the Stranglers rated so high. They're very underrated, in my opinion. Good band.
      Rowdy Yeats -- Friday January 03 2003, @05:23PM (#52323)
      (User #3877 Info)
        Oasis WELL deserved to be in the Top 3rd (Score:1)
        Well fuckin great to see O A S I S in the top 3rd. Not too sure bout Queen being there aswell. I'd ov given it to the Smiths @#1 then Oasis @#2, then The Stone Roses and surprisingly they're ALL from MaDchester.
        Gin N Tonic Jil <> -- Friday January 03 2003, @08:50PM (#52334)
        (User #7276 Info)
        You're not down with who I am but, look at you now you're all in my hands...tonight I'm a Rock N' Roll Star!!

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