Andrew Paresi speaks to 'Doctor Who Magazine'
posted by davidt on Tuesday April 02 2002, @09:00AM

Clay Hickman writes:


As editor of 'Doctor Who Magazine' (and a big fan of Mr Morrissey) I though you guys might be interested that the next issue of DWM contains a short interview with ex-Morrissey drummer Andrew Paresi (or Andrew McGibbon as he's calling himself now).

He's currently acting in a BBC 'Doctor Who' internet drama (alongside Sylvester McCoy and Stephen Fry) and the full interview understandably concentrates on his role in the drama, but I couldn't resist asking him a bit about his time with Moz.

This is the Morrissey-centric part of the interview, as printed in DWM #316:

Meet ex-Morrissey drummer Andrew Paresi - aka Andrew McGibbon - "I thought I'd get more drumming work with a funkier name," he explains, seating himself on the sofa, "so my girlfriend, who was Italian, hit upon this word - 'paresi' - that was an obscure Italian medical term for an embolism! There was something appealing about naming myself after a heart attack - some sort of post-Punk bollocks, I guess, which meant a lot to me back in 1982 - so I changed my name from 'McGibbon'."

How did Andrew come to drum for indie idol Morrissey? "I worked, in the 1980s, on odds and sods," he recollects, "making an album with Bucks Fizz, for instance, titled 'New Beginnings' - ironically since it marked the end of their career! - and in 1987 Stephen Street phoned me up and said 'The Smiths have split. Do you want to record an album with Morrissey, and me, and Vini Reilly from Durutti Column?' - and that was 'Viva Hate'. I also did 'Bona Drag' - which was going to be another album, but ended up four songs shy, so we turned it into a 'Best Of' - and then 'Kill Uncle'.

Was Morrissey tough to work with? You hear some horror stories... "And they're all true! No, he's a lovely guy, but quite lonely really - and controlling in some ways. We got on well, so it wasn't an issue; I showed him a lot of respect, which often people don't. Bit I had to conceal my 'muso' credibility - he really didn't like musicians who were up their own arses - or else I wouldn't have survived!"

Did Andrew have time to watch 'Doctor Who during the late 1980s, in between striking the skins for La Moz? "Yes, I did. And I used to hide behind the sofa. Not because of 'Doctor Who' you understand, but because I had personal problems!"

No amazing revelations, I'm afraid, but some nice stuff there. Hope you enjoy.

Clay Hickman
Editor, 'Doctor Who Magazine'

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    Dr Who? (Score:1)
    Not the one based in Australia?
    Bill -- Wednesday April 03 2002, @04:51AM (#27329)
    (User #2130 Info)
      next poll (Score:0)
      Perhaps the next poll could be: How do we feel about Andrew Paresi?
      Anonymous -- Wednesday April 03 2002, @05:16AM (#27332)
        Aaaagh, THE DARLEKS!!! (Score:0)
        Well, I'm not too sure what an 'internet drama' is, but all the same... it was nice of the Doctor Who Editor to get in touch with Moz-solo.

        Cheers big ears, and thanks for asking those questions!

        Interesting stuff there.

        Anonymous -- Wednesday April 03 2002, @04:46PM (#27391)
          i knew all along i was right (Score:0)
          morrissey lifted "the harsh truth of the camera eye" from bucks fizz "camera never lies".
          Anonymous -- Thursday April 04 2002, @04:26PM (#27482)
            Bona Drag (Score:1)
            Does anyone know which songs were going to be on "Bona Drag" the album? Andrew Paresi mentioned it and this question popped in my head.
            Nax -- Friday April 19 2002, @03:42PM (#28443)
            (User #4818 Info)

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