"Step Into My World" - movie pulled from production?
posted by davidt on Wednesday March 13 2002, @09:00AM

An anonymous person writes:

They removed that movie that Morrissey was supposed to be in on imdb.com. It prolly got yanked.

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    Kudos to "aly smith" (Score:2, Interesting)
    Now before everyone says "I knew it" give some credit to Aly Smith, whoever he/she is. Aly Smith called it back in December, as below will show.

    Morrissey in film (Score:1)
      This rumour has done the rounds before!
    A decade ago Morrissey was set to appear in a film set in sixties gangland London. That film failed to materialise and I suspect that this film will fail to materialise too.
      aly.smith -- Thursday December 27 2001, @03:25PM (#22640)
    Asleep -- Wednesday March 13 2002, @02:27PM (#26224)
    (User #2464 Info)
    "Figures won't lie, but liars will figure."
      Morrissey Can't Act and is NO MOVIE STAR!!!!!!! (Score:0)
      Morrissey will never be a movie star, no matter how badly he wants to. He just sucks at acting. Anybody ever see his cameo on "EastEnders"? It was atrocious. Saw it with a bunch of non-fan friends and was fiercely embarrassed that he was my idol. Morrissey, just quit dreaming! You'll tank any project you're involved with, so stop it. You can act as much as you can keep your cock out of someone's asshole. Oh baby, you're killing me!
      Anonymous -- Friday March 15 2002, @08:26PM (#26318)

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