Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) mentions Morrissey in interview
posted by davidt on Wednesday April 11 2001, @09:00AM

Jean-Baptiste writes:

In an interview (sfx.com), David Gahan mentioned Morrissey saying "I think a lot of the time people view us as being doom merchants, in the same sort of vein as Leonard Cohen or Morrissey, and we don't see it like that at all".

You can read the full interview here.

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    labels labels are no fun. (Score:1)
    personally, i dont find mozzy to be a doom merchant either. though his songs can be a bit dismal, many times i find them witty, if not absolutely hilarious... perhaps its my dark sense of humor. i think people that find morrissey a "doom merchant" are taking his lyrics too literally.

    ****sidenote**** there are of course several morrissey/smiths songs that are truly depressing, but its not to those that i was referring.

    i do, however, agree with david that depeche mode are not as gloomy as folks say. any song that has a dark or sad vibe to it (no matter the artist) is more realistic, in my opinion. writing about obsession, loss, or loneliness doesnt make the artist a doom merchant, it makes them relatable.
    thinlizzie -- Wednesday April 11 2001, @02:31PM (#10022)
    (User #1134 Info)
    Doom merchants, my arse! (Score:1, Insightful)
    I think the sort of people who think Mozzer's a doom merchant are the people who've never really listened to either his solo work or the Smiths. The sort of people who've maybe heard How Soon Is Now? with its "And you go home and you cry and you want to die" lyric, or Everyday Is Like Sunday with its trudging and silence and greyness... Anybody who's delved a bit deeper than his most famous songs (and his dulcet tones) couldn't help but notice what a wonderfully witty and funny lyricist, and person, he is. The perception is, I'm sure, of the general uninitiated public rather than fans. Although maybe there's a poll in that...

    Incidentally, Depeche Mode's new single is out on the 23rd April (UK) and is quite superb, as one might expect. I'd recommend it to all. And I've never thought of them as doom merchants either...
    Boy With The Thorn -- Wednesday April 11 2001, @02:54PM (#10023)
    (User #1359 Info | http://www.kraftwerk.com/ )
    Reliably devious and truculent.
      DM....Superb Band (Score:1)
      Ah...Depeche Mode, another brilliant band. Its a shame The Smiths did not have the longevity DM have had. Regarding the "Doom Merchant" comment made by Dave, I think hes only agreeing with what the consensus is amongst non Morrissey fans. Many associate Moz's music as "gloomy,depressed,sad". But many here know very well that his music and lyrics are something very tangible and have meaning, whether sad, comical, or witty. Its music that many don't care to listen to, which is very understandable. In the end though, its music many hold dear to our hearts.
      edgar -- Wednesday April 11 2001, @05:37PM (#10032)
      (User #1267 Info)
        Morrissey for the Masses (Score:1)
        I'm thrilled to hear through your comments of the Moz fans that like DM. They've always been my obsession, even ahead of Moz. Dave's got so many smack problems these days: I'm sure his Moz comment was a slip, searching for an example. The DM album 'Black Celebration' was almost a designed decent into doom at Goth like levels...no song Morrissey has ever been involved in has been a conscious effort to be black....songs like 'I know it's over', although depressing, are powerfully real jounals of lonliness and failed love..
        Joumbie -- Wednesday April 11 2001, @06:03PM (#10034)
        (User #2319 Info)
        Listen to HIS voice.....
        Maybe they should be doom merchants (Score:1)
        Make no mistake, I love Depeche Mode...Moz being mentioned by Gahan at least shows his knowledge of the works. But some of my fellows here are right when they post that Moz isn't simply one of darkness and sadness. He's like any other person, he has many emotions, that he expresses through his music. Especially with the way that he expresses himself - through sexual energy redirected - passions come out in many different forms.
        Much of human beings' passions come from rejection and loneliness - they need to "explode with passion" because they're being strangled by a life that shuts them in a social/intellectual box.
        Moz blows up like this all of the time in his music. That rejection and loneliness is what gives things the "doom merchant" feelings. Moz identifies with my rebellious, passionate, outsider self. Only some like Tori Amos can summon those sort of forces in their writings and music(Tori is powerful - a beautiful artist, but Moz may make a little more sense with his wit). Those that misunderstand him most are those that do not identify. What do many critics, who regularly wade through a beach full of disgusting modern pop and irritating repetition, have to do in their nice speakers, nice desk lives but come up with a quick conclusion. That Moz is purely depressing. Have they ever heard the happy tracks? Nay. Do they understand the dark singles? Nay. Does David? Apparently nay.
        Whoaba <[email protected]> -- Thursday April 12 2001, @09:10AM (#10058)
        (User #1366 Info | http://www.geocities.com/whoaba/ )
        "Man is not born wicked: he becomes so, as he becomes sick." -Voltaire
        Oh shut up will ya! (Score:0)
        DM is great but David Gahan is being a pain in the arse.
        Anonymous -- Thursday April 12 2001, @03:13PM (#10081)
        old news (Score:1)
        has anyone heard an old Dave Gahan interview where they ask him what other band he would be in besides DeMode? and he answers "the smiths"??

        alero -- Thursday April 12 2001, @09:35PM (#10095)
        (User #925 Info)
        Not That Damn "I'M SO SORRY" Song Again!
        • Re:old news by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday April 13 2001, @02:31AM
          All over Basildon, some hope and some despair... (Score:0)
          It seems odd Dave should want to distance DM from Moz, since most fans obviously appreciate both artists as being prime examples of what pop can really be like when it's done properly.

          Dave, as much as I love him, has always said weird things in interviews. Around the time of the Devotional tour I think he intimated that the back catalogue wasn't up to much.

          Martin Gore has on occasions cited The Smiths (and Leonard Cohen also) as being a major influence on DM. Alan Wilder also (as recently as a year or two ago) said something on his website (http://www.recoil.co.uk) along the lines of "I'm a great admirer of his words"
          Anonymous -- Friday April 13 2001, @09:20AM (#10112)
          blah blah blah (Score:0)
          enough with this b.s. did any body check out the new mojo mag. moz seems in his latest pic to ressemble steve mcqueen. yes no ?
          Anonymous -- Friday April 13 2001, @11:36PM (#10134)
          Depeche Mode (Score:2, Interesting)
          Okay, I'm going to express a very unpopular opinion but....

          Depeche Mode are one of the most overrated bands ever, as evidenced by their selling out football stadiums in the U.S. Their early 80's stuff sounds dated and cheap (if you want to hear an 80's band who used technology in a timeless way, see New Order). To steal a phrase from an article in a recent UNCUT, DM sound like a Fisher Price version of New Order.

          Then came the post "Music For The Masses" period. While some of the tunes from this era were okay, they ruined everything with their live shows. It was all Dave Gahan in rock star mode--shirt open, yelling out, "C'mon!" and following every other rock cliche, heroin addiction and all.

          And it's not only their music that sounds dated, have you looked at their photo shoots? Or what I should ask is, can you look at one of those old photo shoots without laughing outloud?! The Smiths and New Order outdo them in the image stakes as well.

          Futhermore that whole "doom merchant" thing was partly self perpetuated. While Morrissey can defend himself from such claims by pointing to his witty and often absurdly funny lyrics, Depeche Mode wouldn't know the first thing about a sense of humor. The whole S&M/bondage thing didn't help matters any either.

          Depeche Mode don't matter and the bands they inspired (NIN, for example) don't matter one bit either. They have always all about style over substance.

          Oh, and this isn't a personal attack. Martin Gore recently moved into my town where most of their upcoming album was recorded (I won't disclose where I live just in case there are still a few people who don't know where he's moved. He does, afterall, deserve as much anonymity as he can still salvage!) I've had a few pints with he and his wife, and they are two of the loveliest people I've ever met (his wife physically as well!!! *gulp*). He's a very kind man and treats his fans (and non-fans as he knows I'm very much not one) in an exemplary way. Furthermore, when they are in town they both DJ at the bar I go to and they're two of the best DJ's I've heard in this god forsaken, musically deprived town. In short, I'm just expressing an opinion about Depeche Mode, not the individuals which comprise the band.
          blurjose -- Tuesday April 17 2001, @06:43PM (#10217)
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