"How Soon is Now?" played on "Queer As Folk"
posted by davidt on Friday April 06 2001, @08:00AM

RoyJ writes:

"How Soon Is Now" by The Smiths was played at the end of the April 1st episode of "Queer As Folk" on Showtime. It was used for the last few scenes when Brian was looking at a photograph of himself as a child sitting with his father (with whom he now has a very strained relationship). The soundtrack for "Queer As Folk" leans more towards dance music, so it was nice to hear The Smiths version being used rather than a more dance driven cover version (the Love Spit Love cover is used for "Charmed" and I heard a cover by Snake River Conspiracy playing at a club last month).

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    Good show! (Score:1)
    yeah, that was it.. It's a very very good show!
    Maplefreak -- Friday April 06 2001, @11:36AM (#9899)
    (User #1234 Info)
    And the songs we sing, they're not supposed to mean a thing...
      Queer as Folk (Score:1)
      I hope that it will get the same response in the
      USA as it got in Europe...[UK& The Netherlands],
      it's fabulous, and I hope it will help a bit
      towards the homophobia in certain [religious]
      area's in the USA.

      The Smiths track is nice bonus, though, I would've
      used another track [Handsome devil, hand in glove]
      Celibate Cry <vauxhall@mail2uk.com> -- Saturday April 07 2001, @06:46PM (#9927)
      (User #220 Info)
      and the hills are alive with celibate cries
      I'm a poor Mozboy, don't have cable (Score:0)
      I'm a poor boy, don't have cable.
      So enjoy the QAF Show, y filthy queer capitalists.
      Of course, some would argue, I could watch this other "lifestyles" show Will&Grace at NBC(?). The bad thing, I don't have TV either...X-nks god, I have my little PC...Whatever, nice of 'em QAF people to include Moz. BTW, why they chose Pittsburg, for heavens sake? Because god-awful Flashdance movie was set there :-)

      Personally, I would choose Boston or Cambridge, MA. Socialist Republic of Massachussets, lesbian English lit professors, fab dancing Irishman, Chaps, Ramrod, fab MIT Gay&Les Student Union, seminars at gay/lesbian fiction, Boston Tori Amos fans, Bostonian little but tight Mozfan circle (in BU, thought, ratio of Cure-fans to Mozfans was 10 to 1. F***!), Middle East, Possum, Mama Kin (too bad it closed), Ratcellar at Kenmore Square, Coolige Corner with it's mixture of Irish pubs and Jewish delis, South End, North End and beautiful and sad Smiths music playing from my shabby stereo on my balcony over Bostonian skies... My little place on the corner of Harvard St and Commonwealth, me and my friends looking for fun on the shoestring stident budget, and getting into all kinds of trouble, some of the situations I was in could be scripted for the perfect Woody Allen movie...But I grow and learnt...nothing, actually...I'm still a fool in my relationship...oh!. Boston - College queer haven..I myself went to BU and had a groovy time..) or
      San Fran is a good candidate (too obvious why). Definitely not LA - bullshit artists of all sex. orientations, wonna-be actors, -up and -down Entertainment Industry types - yuck! That's where I live now. Ouch! Why the heck Mr Morrissey decided to move to LA from fab London? Hope, this Tinseltown would give Him aplenty of satiric material for His upcoming album!
      Overall, Viva Moz!
      Expatriate Bostonian with PC on his side
      Anonymous -- Monday April 09 2001, @09:08AM (#9947)
        not exactly moz related but... I couldn't help it. (Score:0)
        I'm just a little surprised to see someone above mention that they hope "Queer as Folk, 'helps'" with the struggle against homophobia, etc etc. If you feel that a form of media that depicts homosexual men almost exclusively in smokey disco's and even in one episode having anal sex with an underage youth - as helpful to the stop of homophobia, I think you might want to consider something with a more positive message that "Queer as Folk." I know, I certainly don't want my mother watching that show and thinking that is how I live as a gay male. I quite certainly do not. I feel almost embarrassed at work when I over hear a group of people discussing having watched the show the night before. Maybe it's a good show... maybe it's real life... I don't particularly think it is either, but I definately do not believe it in any form helps to convey any positive views.
        Anonymous -- Tuesday April 10 2001, @09:35AM (#9976)
        Pal of mine (Score:1)
        knows the guy who wrote QAF, and claims that one of the characters is based on him. He thinks that it is the lead character (i.e. the quiet bloke who works in supermarket). It is pretty clear to me that its one of the other characters - but I can't tell him coz it would hurt his feelings

        My pal is a a big Moz/Smiths fan too.
        David T (different) -- Wednesday April 11 2001, @08:14AM (#10011)
        (User #256 Info)
          Tight shorts (Score:1)
          Dear Jim,

          I have all the episodes on tape so if anyone wants to see it let me know!


          Richard Simmons
          Jim Rome -- Thursday April 19 2001, @01:58PM (#10310)
          (User #720 Info | http://www.jimrome.com/ )
          Rome's Smack-tionary coming soon....yeah, this time I mean it.

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