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  1. Tag abuse - TOS modification
  2. Notice: Spam post in visitor message August 2010
  3. reporting posts and getting no response about it
  4. I'm getting spam/pop ups on Moz Solo
  5. Give users the freedom to delete their own threads.
  6. What do you think of this place
  7. Remove the option to post as anonymous
  8. video
  9. Please bring back auto-merging
  10. Please change the Moz solo twitter picture
  11. Rapid Ignore
  12. Blogs - option of pic from device
  13. Why was my topic deleted?
  14. Please change the site's tagline back to Hateful Online Creche
  15. Should the user known as !Viva Hate! be banned from this site?
  16. morrissey unfollowed this site
  17. If you could resurrect any feature of the Old Solo - what would it be ?
  18. Thumbs Up? plugin enabled - new site feature