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    This site is unofficial and not affiliated with Morrissey.

    Morrissey-solo is an open forum for fans of Morrissey and The Smiths to share and discuss related information.

    I (davidt / David Tseng / david@morrissey-solo.com) created Morrissey-solo and have been maintaining the site with help from moderators and users that contribute to the site. I have been a fan since 1986 when I was a junior in high school. I'm currently a web developer in Los Angeles.

    The site is funded by ads and purchases through affiliate links on the site. Any non-vegetarian ads that appear on the network will be blocked as soon as they are seen / reported.

    A brief history:

    Oct. 1991 - Jan. 1995: Sing Your Life - A Morrissey Fanzine. Started with Russ Seekatz, the fanzine included many stories and photos from many contributors, covering tours in 1991 (Kill Uncle) and 1992 (Your Arsenal).

    July 1995 - Feb. 1997: SYL website. Not an extensive site, it had info on the fanzine and some news updates but was mostly a means for me to learn about creating and hosting a website.

    Feb. 1997 - present: Morrissey-solo.

    Site details

    Feb. 1997 to Jan. 1999: The site was originally hosted on a SPARC 5 thanks to my work.

    Jan. 1999 - May 2000: the site was moved to my home, running on a recently installed DSL line..]

    May 2000 - Jan. 2011: In June 2000 the codebase of the site was converted over to the Open Source Slashcode. In March 2002 the server was moved to a hosting location near downtown Los Angeles.

    Jan. 2011 - present: The main codebase of the site was moved from Slash to vBulletin, which has been powering the forums since 2006. In Jan. 2011 the servers were moved to Rack Alley, a new facility in One Wilshire, downtown Los Angeles.

    In memory of MelTorment

    image by Mozmic_dancer
    Richard Davalos and James Dean in "East Of Eden"