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Tom Sheehan's best photograph: a young Morrissey reclining on a hotel bed in Reading - The Guardian
Interview by Ben Beaumont-Thomas
‘Morrissey and I got chatting about Oscar Wilde and I later loaned him three books. He’s still got them’


In 1984, I was sent to Reading to shoot the Smiths for the front cover of the Melody Maker. Morrissey initially wouldn’t talk to Allan Jones, the editor, because he was doing interviews with fanzines instead, which was really cool in a way. I thought: “A solo shot would be great – and I’ll placate the rest of the band later with a group shot in their dressing room.” I only had about 10 minutes with him, so I just started directing him around his hotel room, getting him to do silly things, like drinking milk out of a carton.

Then I noticed this Oscar Wilde book on his bed, so I told him to lie down with it. I stood over him,...

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Morrissey er i Bergen - Bergensavisen
Morrissey on avoiding Brisbane and only playing in Australian venues where no meat will be served -


In an exclusive interview Morrissey explained his unconventional tour path.

“I didn’t want to return to Brisbane because I’ve played there twice and on both nights I was heckled, which doesn’t bother me that much, but even if I reply with something snazzy, the heckler always wins because the night has been soured and we no longer feel welcome. That’s life.”

The former Smiths frontman is bypassing Sydney after playing four Sydney-only shows at last year’s Vivid Festival....
peter hook interview: power, corruption & lies. -


You mentioned Rob Gretton and Tony Wilson, God rest their souls. If they were still alive do you think this rift between you and your former friends would ever have got so wide? Don't you think they would have just banged your heads together, the lot of you?

You know what, every day I wake up I wish somebody would. Because it is the most stupid waste of time and effort. As Peter Saville said to me recently “You and Bernard have dragged Joy Division and New Order into the desert where nothing grows. I hope you're proud of yourselves”. And I thought “Shit”. But the thing is, pride and ego have a lot to do with these things.

What they did to me, by taking the name and by doing it all behind my back and then deciding how much I should get, after 31 years work, it just wasn't fair, the way they did...
11 song lyrics you probably won't understand if you're under 30 - BBC Music


3. Morrissey - America Is Not the World

When Morrissey returned from seven years in the recording wilderness with album You Are the Quarry in 2004, fans must have been slightly disconcerted that the normally incisive poet's first lyric on the new record was "America, your head's too big". A verse in and Moz got to work repudiating the claim America is the land of the free, suggesting it could not be the case in a country where "the president is never black, female or gay". President Barack Obama invalidated a third of this assertion when he took office in 2008, while Hillary Clinton gets the chance to nullify another third if she becomes the first female president in 2016's United States presidential election.