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Jessica Brown Findlay Joins Morrissey Biopic - WENN /


Jessica Brown Findlay has been cast as British artist Linder Sterling in the upcoming Morrissey biopic.

The former Downton Abbey actress will star opposite Scottish actor Jack Lowden in Steven, which chronicles Morrissey's life in 1970s Manchester, England before he finds fame with The Smiths in the 1980s.

The actress will play the English visual artist, who became close friends with the rocker, real name Steven Patrick Morrissey. Linder has included the rocker in many of her art works, including a photograph book in 1992. She also appeared in a 2002 documentary about the musician, worked on video footage for his concert DVD, and shot the images for many of...
Morrissey Far East -
9 April 2016

Morrissey's whispered live dates for the Far East have been pushed back until such a time when there is a new Morrissey recording.

"... by which time the common pigeon will no doubt be facing global extinction ..." Morrissey has said.

The Face of 2016 -
9 April 2016


Artist / owner of above unknown.
Reprinted here with respect.
Warner UK -
6 April 2016

A Smiths/Morrissey Google alerts/Twitter account has been opened by Warner UK. Morrissey would like to stress that this account has not been sanctioned by him and has no connection to him. Follow it at your peril.

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An anonymous person posts:

Bill Oddie, who hates Morrissey, comments on William The Terrible's endorsement of trophy hunting -
4 April 2016

"I think it's ridiculous. It's grotesque. When I saw what he said, I thought, well that's commercial euthanasia then, isn't it? We may as well start doing that with our grannies and grandpas. The Royal Family is steeped in blood sports and always has been, but William's comments did make me think about giving back my OBE. I don't mind disrespecting the Royal Family; I'm surprised I'm not on some sort of black list, because the Royal Family does seem totally pointless to me."
In a final blow to William, Oddie adds: "It was hypocritical of him, although, really, it was more that he's just not very bright sometimes. I'm afraid that's more what it is."

Bad news Smiths fans - Morrissey isn't running for Mayor of London after all - Mirror Online
The deadline to register as a candidate in the election was today, and the Mozfather's name is nowhere to be seen


London's army of Smiths fans learned frontman Morrissey has decided not to run for Mayor today, and Heaven Knows they're Miserable Now.

Today was the deadline to submit official papers to be a candidate in May's London Mayoral election, and the Handsome Devil's name was nowhere to be seen.

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...on the Latin Alternative chart, the one we've all been waiting for.

30 March 2016

The debut album by Mexrrissey is number 1 on the Latin Alternative Chart.

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