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James Dean Bradfield: "I have no f**king Britpop regrets" - Digital Spy
Morrissey WON'T feature on the next album.


Nicky always said he wants Morrissey in to do a vocal but is too afraid to ask because he couldn't take the rejection…

"If he did ask Moz inevitably there would be a rejection. But that would be beyond the dream really because there's not many people who sing like him. I don't want to sound too muso but his choice of notes are just so f**king different to anybody else's.

"His phrasing is different to anybody else's. His voice would transform any band. But I don't think we're ever going to ask, because like I said, it would just be like that school disco moment – you know the girl's going to say no."...
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Fatboy Slim says The Housemartins would only reform if The Smiths do -


Cook was asked 'If Paul Heaton called you and asked you to take part in a Housemartins reunion world tour, would you be up for it?' during a web cam AMA on The Guardian. He responded, stating "absolutely not".

He continued, "But he wouldn't. We agreed when we split up, in Bloom's Hotel, Dublin, 1988, that we would never reform. Five years ago we all had lunch together and reiterated that fact, with the caveat that we would only consider reforming if the Smiths reformed, which will only happen when the royal family abdicates."

He then continued to say that "everything about reforming" turns him off, "apart from travelling around in a bus...
Stranger in LA: Maxwell Sterling soundtracks brutal boulevards on Hollywood Medieval - FACT Magazine

The debut album by Manchester-born musician and James Ferraro collaborator Maxwell Sterling grapples with the split personality and stark inequality of Los Angeles. Steph Kretowicz hears how his fusion of digital and ambient sound captures the glamour, grime and violence of his adopted city.The debut album by Manchester-born musician and James Ferraro collaborator Maxwell Sterling grapples with the split personality and stark inequality of Los Angeles. Steph Kretowicz hears how his fusion of digital and ambient sound captures the glamour, grime and violence of his adopted city.


The score is part of a durational performance piece by post-punk artist and radical feminist Linder Sterling, who also happens to be his mum....
Just driven up from down South and on the way listened to this fascinating documentary on shyness. Talks about a lot of interesting historical figures, but also some more modern ones, and their struggle with shyness, including L.S Lowry, George Best, Bobby Charlton and Morrissey. Really good listen. Moz section begins at 49m 38s.


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Shrinking Violets by Joe Moran review – how to understand shyness - The Guardian
Is being shy a boon or a burden? Should it be fought against? This sparkling cultural history ranges from Jane Austen to Silicon Valley
Neil Hannon: Performing is my job... a bit of mass adulation does you no harm every now and then - Belfast Telegraph


He has been known to sit doing jigsaw puzzles while conducting interviews over the phone, such is Neil Hannon's disdain for the often banal questions put to him about his life and music. But when I manage to engage him with a bit of tittle-tattle about fellow music legend Morrissey, imparted by a friend who met him in Dublin recently, and not to be repeated in a public format (unfortunately), lo and behold, the Londonderry-born bishop's son comes back with a quick anecdote of his own.

"Ah, poor Mozzer," he sighs in response to the Mancunian's secret misfortune. "I admire him greatly. I met him once at a Hot Press gig in Belfast. It was quite odd.

"I was summoned to his side, but when...
1980's fad "Garbage Pail Kids" relaunch with a music-themed parody series, and guess who is one of the musicians they poke fun at? ;)

Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Beck, Morrissey Parodied in Garbage Pail Kids Stickers - Pitchfork
Guns N’ Roses, the Cure, Death Cab for Cutie, the Roots, more lampooned in “Best of the Fest” set

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For over 15 years, throughout the 1990s and 2000s, I hosted a radio show entitled 'Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet of Crisps'.

Due to work commitments, amongst other things I had to vacate my Friday drive slot for the show some years ago ... but now, the show has returned as a new weekly podcast ... 'Near Perfect Pitch'.

The podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play, Blubrry, Stitcher, or TuneIn.

The host site, complete with all show notes and links, is Podbean at

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Near Perfect Pitch - Episode XVII (August 26th. 2016) - A Boz Boorer Belter (interview begins around 150:00)

Each and every week the podcast features three hours of ......
Who are the subjects in the iconic "Skinhead girls, Bank Holiday, Brighton 1980" photo by Derek Ridgers used in Morrissey's 1992 "Your Arsenal" tour as a backdrop and merchandise (t-shirt, program cover)? Finally we know - Caroline and Debbie. Both were together recently and surprisingly, both learned just last weekend (Aug. 2016) about the use of the photo on Morrissey's tour 24 years ago.

Debbie writes through emails:

I am one of the skinhead girls in the photo as I have just found out my picture was used... Caroline on the left, I'm on the right (in both 1980 and 2016 photos, below). She moved to Australia and was over last weekend. That's when we found out via Google about the photo, such a shock but a nice one. Eyes nearly popped out when we saw the huge backdrop of us.

I have been in touch with Derek, he is sending us a photo as we never got one. Sent him a photo of what we look like now and he thinks we haven't changed (well, longer hair and older). Does anyone have any...