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Oasis ‘Supersonic’ director wants to make films about Arctic Monkeys and The Smiths -
Mat Whitecross discusses future plans in interview with NME


Having reunited the Gallagher brothers to work on Supersonic, Whitecross admitted it would be perhaps even more difficult to get Morrissey and Johnny Marr’s involvement in a potential Smiths documentary.

“I think that might be the fight that kills me,” Whitecross joked. “[But] I’m just reading Johnny Marr’s book at the moment and it sounds like they met up at least once, and no one murdered anyone else so you never know. If they’re up for doing a film then yeah. Anything like that, we know Johnny’s manager’s, he’s a good friend of ours so maybe I’ll try and get on the phone one day and see how it goes.”

The 100 Greatest Singers of All Time - Consequence Of Sound
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It’s been observed that pop-culture writers have a penchant for ranking anything and everything. We’re cited for spending countless hours trying to assess, sort, and file that which seems patently subjective or, far more damning, so beautiful, transcendent, or numinous as to be above slotting on a mere list...


Guitarist Johny Marr on whether The Smiths will reunite - CBS News


“What fans get surprised at sometimes is they assume you’ve been offered gazillions of dollars to get back together, and they can’t believe you won’t take it,” Mason said.

“We have been offered gazillions of dollars to get back together,” Marr said.

And they nearly did. Marr writes in his book that he reunited with Morrissey at a pub in 2008, and then “suddenly we were talking about... the band re-reforming.” But after a few days, there was “radio silence.”

“For a lot of fans that will sound tantalizingly close,” Mason said.

“Yeah. To be honest I was just enjoying having a kind of catch up with someone I used to be really close with 30 years ago. A long time,” Marr said.

“So you don’t think it’s going to happen?” Mason asked.

“No, I don’t think it’s going to happen, no,” Marr said.
Watch: Robbie Williams channels Morrissey in his new video for 'Love My Life' -

Is it just us, or is Robbie Williams morphing into a young(er) Morrissey with every passing year?

From Mike:

On ABC Family "Fresh Ooff The Boat" - Nov. 1, 2016

From Rene:

Originally scheduled as the concert after party, El Paso Morrissey fans can now celebrate (or weep) with friends all night Wednesday, November 23rd. DJs Rene Romo and Matt Munoz will spin mostly Moz/Smiths originals, deep cuts, covers, and Britpop from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m. at The Perch, above Tricky Falls, in downtown El Paso, Texas. No cover, 21+
Boulder -
15 November 2016

Gustavo Manzur collapsed and was hospitalized two hours before the band were due on stage at Boulder in Colorado. Morrissey made an on stage announcement and the sell-out crowd were greatly understanding and supportive. Gustavo is recuperating today. Doctors have advised one week of rest.

Gustavo and the band are determined to make the shows at Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago.

Photograph below is by Mando Lopez.


The three Texas dates are cancelled as posted in the comments by those who received notice from the promoters.

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Post by @mattsebastian / Twitter, link from an anonymous person:

Morrissey's show in Boulder canceled as keyboardist Gustsvo Manzur remains hospitalized following a collapse. Band won't play without him


Link posted by an anonymous person:

Morrissey's Boulder Theater show canceled as band member collapses - Boulder Daily Camera


"It is with great regret that tonight's sold out engagement with Morrissey has been cancelled to due to severe illness of a member of the band," wrote Z2 Entertainment's director of marketing, Darlene D'Agostino Beck, in a statement. " We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope to announce a rescheduled date soon."

UPDATE Nov. 15:...