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....Smiths play their last UK gig:
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Pieces of Morrissey - Adventures With The Moz Army by Matthew Jacobson.
Published by Empire Publications, released January 2017. Pre-order available now.

Morrissey is a cult.

But what drives fans' devotion? What makes them trek halfway round the world to catch his shows in the US or South America when he is playing in their city a few months later? Why do they fight over pieces of his shirt, thrown each night into the crowd?

Is this healthy? Should they seek help? Is Moz messainic or does he calculatedly whip the mob into a frenzy to maintain his status? And what of Morrissey's own adolescence and his obssessions with 50s rock 'n' rollers and stars such as Bowie and Patti Smith?

Morrissey devotee (and proud owner of an intact Moz shirt) Matt Jacobson examines his own obssession and that of his fellow fans to discover the lengths some will go to, to catch sight of their demi-god....
Say Merry Christmas with a difference – using Morrissey lyrics - Manchester Evening News
Cards feature messages such as 'and the turkey you festively slice is murder'


Morrissey fans are flocking to the Moz for Every Occasion website , which is selling Christmas and birthday cards featuring lyrics by the former Smiths frontman.

The striking cards feature one line of lyrics from a particular song by The Smiths or Morrissey, as well as the details of the track.
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100 Years -
9 December 2016

"A very happy 100th birthday wish to the best of the best, Kirk Douglas,
... too good for Hollywood ..."

9 December 2016.
Pretty nice interview with Johnny in the Telegraph (Australia, subscription required). I find his interviews a pleasure to read. Looks like a solo album in the works for him next year?

Transcript provided by kissmyshadestoo in the comments.


This year was the 30th anniversary of The Queen is Dead, next year is the 30th anniversary of Strangeways Here We Come. Yet there’s never been anniversary reissues. Is there anything left in the vaults?

There are songs in the vaults, they’ve come out on bootlegs which is a f!@#ed up really. There’s a whole slew of out takes, quite a lot of instrumental tracks that were really decent music in their own right. As a fan, myself, I’m fairly reliable when it comes to quality control. I don’t like when I get a load of crap from my...