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The move from vBulletin to XenForo as the main platform for Morrissey-solo is complete. While it may look similar, just about all site pages back to the last platform change in 2011 and all forum posts back to 1999 are affected, so this is a big undertaking.

While vBulletin was stable and working, it was not moving forward and was starting to break around the edges, this move is mainly to ensure the sustainability of the site for the future. As I was evaluating XenForo during this quiet time in the Morrissey world, I was impressed with the development team, design and the amount of support it has. I've worked to make sure things work 'pretty much the same' and major features of the previous site are supported. If you notice anything missing or have any issues/feedback regarding the changes, please post in this thread.

New features:
  • New / modernized interface
  • Responsive mobile/tablet support
  • Regularly updated platform and active third party plugin support...
To all emporium shoppers,
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An anonymous person sends the link:

Photomontages -

Photomontages by Sam Esty Rayner (4 total)
Anyone seen this? It´s not on TTY?

Message from Morrissey: America is Black - Sam Esty Rayner Photography / Facebook
posted Fri. May 13

Message from Morrissey
America is Black
In the United States, minorities are the majority. But who would guess such a thing to scan an eye over the political frontrunners in the 2016 election?
Donald Trump is George Wallace.
Hillary Clinton is pooled money.
Neither speaks for modern America. The day when the new President is to be announced is already prepared as a national day of mourning, for there can be no result for the good of all (or even for the good of most). American politics doesn’t work – not even for the American people alone, and each time you vote you support the process. Far from being excited about immediate change, America is already slumped in a head-shaking disbelief.
The myth that ‘anyone’ can become U.S. President neglects to add the crucial ‘if they...
Former Chelsea winger and now BBC wanker Pat Nevin is interviewed in The Hootsman about all sorts and shares an anecdote about a visit to Chateau le Moz;

Interview: Pat Nevin on his tour of Morrissey’s mansion - The Scotsman


...The big Irishman is “a very intelligent guy” but he was the worse for wear when Nevin and his new best Lancashire muso friend Vini Reilly, guitarist with the Durutti Column, were invited to Morrissey’s mansion, so, even though Whiteside was keen to tag along, the pair gave him the slip.

“That was a cool night. Morrissey was ultra-camp and perhaps a little thrown when I came over all gruff Glasgow and demanded: ‘Gie’s a tour.’ We saw the room with all his Oscar Wilde first editions, the room with the baby grand which he’d bought specially for Vini to play, but there was another one which he said was off-limits. Eventually he...
Links from Stephen:

Iconic photographs of The Smiths taken in Salford feature in new exhibition - Manchester Evening News

Photos of The Smiths displayed at new exhibition in Salford (photos, video) - ITV

[/URL]'They hold the crown': The Smiths are Manchester royalty, says man behind Salford Lad's Club shot - Mancunian Matters
Morrissey knew exactly what he wanted when posing for one of the most famous photographs in Manchester music history, the man behind the lens has revealed.

A dark day in Salford with The Smiths: Photographs by Stephen Wright
- The Lowry
Located In The Circle Bar Cases
Sat 9 April - Sun 5 June

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The Queen Is Dead -

Morrissey has commented:

"I would like to congratulate the Smiths, and also Stephen Street, and also Rough Trade Records for 30 fantastic years of sales for The Queen Is Dead,which is 30 years old in June. We have always been gagged, of course, but certain recordings rise with time, and The Queen Is Dead and also Meat Is Murder both had the courage to put the fullest meaning of British life into words and music. It was the hope of helping things to evolve, and the mobilized strength of both recordings for 30 years has been fully understood and appreciated by those with sensible passions. Central issues in 2016 England include an urgent need of social justice for animals as well as an obvious recognition of 'monarchy as anarchy' (therefore, something with no place in a democratic society)...
Celebrate Morrissey's Birthday at Little Dipper from 4-7pm.

Happy Hour Drink Specials:
$2.50 Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Wants
$2.00 A-Lone Stars Guest

Guest DJ ABRAHÁN will spin 3 hours of Morrissey and Smiths from his personal record collection.

Little Dipper 304 Main St, Houston, Texas 77002
From Rene:

Bowie Feathers, in downtown El Paso, Texas, proudly presents its annual Morrissey birthday dance party Saturday, May 21st at 9 p.m. DJ Rene Romo will spin and countdown to Moz's 57th (May 22) with 100% guaranteed Morrissey/Smiths from midnight to close. 21+, no cover. You are encouraged to wear your favorite Moz/Smiths shirt.