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"Despite it being over 30 years since the release of The Smith’s “Meat is Murder” record, Morrissey has only in the last year decided to stop exploiting animals himself through embracing veganism – and boy did he make a meal out of it..."

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Morrissey: Fundamental Rights or a Chevrolet Volt? - Ecorazzi
By Ben Frost

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"This charming set of Christmas ornaments does a wonderful job of letting everyone in your circle know that you love St. Nick—and that the “Nick” in question is Nick Cave. Matthew Lineham designed them, and he’s done a wonderful job of working in “obscure Christmas memories and puns,” as he put it.

Many of his “obscure” references involve network Christmas programming from many decades ago. Siouxsie Sioux is transformed into Cindy Lou Who, the little girl from Whoville in Dr. Seuss’...
29 November 2016

Warner UK will release a previously unissued version of The Boy With The Thorn In His Side as a physical 45. The sleeve, above, is by Morrissey, with layout by Darren Evans at Warner UK. The B-side is a previously unissued version of Rubber Ring.
The sleeve image is Salford actor Albert Finney.
Details of availability of the record will follow shortly.

I hope that Warner will do the next Morrissey album then.

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Morrissey, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2016 -
24 November 2016

film by Sam Esty Rayner.
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Johnny Marr Is a Fan First and a Musician Second - Esquire
The Smiths cofounder opens up about his new memoir, the music that inspired him, and his relationship with Morrissey.


Well, a lot of people would not have wanted to collaborate with Morrissey. He's an unusual guy, and you were young—young guys are pretty unforgiving. But you didn't see him as odd, or see the things another young person might see and not like about him.

I didn't really care about any of that. I just wanted a singer. We had a really, really strong friendship, right away. Let me put it this way: You don't just manufacture luck. If you're just sitting around fucking talking about it, it won't happen. I did...
Check out the website for Detroit.


hndinglove posted:

Chicago is also officially postponed until Dec. 10:


Official word on Houston from Charlie via email:
White Oak Music Hall has been postponed to Fri. Dec. 16.

UPDATE Nov. 23:

Posted by Vegan:
Cleveland rescheduled for Dec 9

UPDATE Nov. 23, 10:35 AM PT:

Dallas moved to Dec. 14 according to AXS:

Also, an email from the Majestic Theatre:

The Nov. 17 show in San Antonio at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts has been moved to the Majestic Theatre on Saturday, December 17. Tickets will go on sale Wednesday, November 30 at 10 a.m.

Fans who purchased tickets for the postponed show on...
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Morrissey is asking GM to start using vegan leather interiors on their cars - Detroit Metro Times


In an open letter on behalf of PETA, Morrissey is asking that GM start making vegan leather options for their Chevy Bolt and Volt.

The letter is directly addressed to GM CEO Mary Barra and points out that GM is named in PETA's brand-new investigation of cattle ranches and all the crazy shit that happens to them. Moz points out that the Bolt and Volt are marketed as eco-friendly, and adding the vegan leather would only broaden their appeal.

...You can read the full letter below.

Mary T Barra
Chair and CEO
General Motors Company

21 November 2016

Dear Ms Barra,

As I head to Detroit to play the Royal Oak Music Theatre, I'm...
Not sure if this news has done the rounds yet but ... in another recent TV interview, Marr talks about the prospect of the Smiths coming back with a Christmas single! (5:35)
I reckon Marr deserves top marks for handling all the questions about the Smiths reforming with humour and diplomacy.