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Morrissey pop-up shop at Salford Lads Club for Manchester arena gig - Manchester Evening News

For once he will not be asking shoplifters of the world to unite.

Morrissey is opening a pop-up store - at Salford Lads Club .

Mozza merchandise will be on sale in the ‘Mpourium’ including limited T-shirts, vinyl, and his books for three days to coincide with the weekend that the singer is performing in Manchester.

Morrissey’s gig will take place on Saturday August 20th at Manchester Arena and the shop will open each day from August 19th to 21st.

Leslie Holmes, spokesman for the Lads Club, said: “It’s really great for us to have a link with Morrissey...
This story was published earlier this month on Towleroad, a well-known gay news site.

I thought it would have made it to the front page by now.

This Charming Morrissey – Gay Iconography - Towleroad
by Bobby Hankinson
July 4, 2016 | 1:53pm


There are certain commonalities shared across many of the big gay icons that come to mind. Our pop divas — like Gaga, Madonna and Cher, for example — thrive on over-the-top costuming and spectacle. Sex, excess and escapism are part of the appeal.

On the other end of the spectrum: Morrissey...
Boy George was on a Twitter bender and rapid fire answering multiple tweets.

In response to "Hi @BoyGeorge you like The Smiths?" he responded "What kind of person wouldn't? A human disgrace!".

You can see original Twitter exchange here.

There's a boat if you'd like to go...

Announcing our third-annual Seasick, Yet Still Docked Smiths-Morrissey cruise, Friday July 22. Boarding begins 7pm, the boat leaves at 8.

You have never been in love until you have seen a boat full of rowdy Smiths fans sloshing down the East River, bellowing Panic to the Statue of Liberty. - Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone

Tix onsale now at TICKETWEB.

Here's what the world is saying about The Sons & Heirs:

The best NYC-based Smiths tribute band...singer Ronnissey and guitarist Ravi Marr do fine impressions of the original Manchester rock icons - New York Post

Twice as much fun as an actual Morrissey show - Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone

These guys love the band, and they are really passionate about it - Andy Rourke, The Smiths

The Sons & Heirs visually and musically approximate The...
Morrissey in Berlin -
14 July 2016

Morrissey's show in Berlin (16 August) has sold out.

photomontage of David Mozhansen by SER / Sam Esty Rayner.

Bloody hell, TTY has been hijacked. That photo is hilarious. There is no doubt though SER posted this, gramps doesn't stay up that late.
New story today, my favorite episode was the Flock of Seagulls since the brother was working in Oxford, NC which is about 50 miles from where I grew up.

Flashback: VH1 Fails in Doomed Effort to Reunite the Smiths - Rolling Stone
In 2004, cable show 'Bands Reunited' attempted to pull off the impossible
By Andy Greene

An anonymous person sends the link:

Dairy Farmers Milked Out of Business -
12 July 2016

Dairy Farms all over England are dropping!!!!!
STOP supporting Glastonbury Festival (animal-killer farm).

Cow's milk is finished!

12 July 2016

image by SER / Sam Esty Rayner