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18 January 2017

The End Is Nigh photomontage by Sam Esty Rayner.
Matt sends the OK Go press release excerpt:

LOS ANGELES, CA - January 18, 2017 - Just in time for the U.S. Presidential Inauguration, OK Go will perform Morrissey's politically charged "Interesting Drug" on The Late Late Show With James Corden tonight, January 18.

Lead singer Damian Kulash said of the song: "I was listening to Morrissey around the time of the conventions last year and when he belted 'There are some bad people on the rise' - that fabulous opening line of Interesting Drug - I felt like he'd written it about the very moment we were living through. Now, with this bewildering, surreal inauguration looming, it seems like a good time to share those poignant lines again." OK Go also released a video for their cover of the track today - watch it...
In a Facebook post captioned, "Watching Polly fall in love with #Morrissey #LifeGoals [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]," Kelly Osbourne shared a picture snapped of her with Morrissey holding Kelly's dog, Polly.
Morrissey visitaría México este año - Indie Hoy

Google Translate to English excerpt:

Morrissey to visit Mexico this year
By Rodrigo Piedra

This afternoon , the line-up of a new festival to be held in Guadalajara, Mexico, filtered called Roxy . This festival would be headed by Morrissey , Placebo and Smash Mouth .

Beyond this image, which was also shared by the portal Noisey, not much more is known: no dates, no venue, no other artists, but already leaves the door open to hopefully with a new visit from English to the rest of the continent . The former Smiths last visit was in December 2015 when he presented world peace is none of your business .
With her debut collection of sustainable menswear, Stella McCartney shows the world why she is the thinking man's choice.



“Their shoes should be cooler than a conventional pair of shoes made out of dead cows. I feel it’s really the right time to bring that into men’s wardrobes, because they do not have anyone designing in a conscious way for them.

“The first pair of vegetarian shoes that I designed and made were for Morrissey, because he asked me to make him some stylish shoes. He’s so cool from head to – and then it comes to toe, and you’re like, ‘What have you got on your feet?’ Because there was no option for him.”

But it’s important to note that this isn’t just a collection for men at Morrissey levels of activism. This is, first and foremost, clothes men want to wear. Right on cue,...
Photograph -
5 January 2017

Morrissey, clasped-hands centre, aged 4, at the marriage of Dorothy to Liam.
St Wilfrid's Church in Hulme, Manchester.
From Danny:

My name is Danny Santamaria from Moz Angeles, California.
Instagram: Danmoz

My photo from the book: To Me You Are A Work of Art was chosen for the print and release of an OFFICIAL merchandise t-shirt for the Morrissey Tour 2016. Currently on Mporium U.K. Merchandise webpage.

With your platform and utmost respect for all things Morrissey, I merely just wanted to say:

A heartfelt THANK YOU, for this once in a life time opportunity, to MORRISSEY. And that "I’ll always stay true to you”. (I've had this tattoo on my back for approximately 20 years now.)

In the photographs I’ve attached I just wanted to thank Morrissey and bandmates: Boz Boorer, Jesse Tobias, Matt Walker, Mando Lopez and Gustavo Manzur. MPorium UK: Gary Pettet and Staff And TMYAAWoA book staff: Anthony Amor, Julian Chavez and Patrick Moore.

Tattoo by: Angel Fierro...
Link posted to The Sweet And Tender Hooligans / The Smiths / Morrissey / Marr Facebook group:

I Posted Morrissey Lyrics on Facebook for a Month and Nobody Called to Check on Me - The Hard Times
Article by Sari Beliak @TheCrassCeiling.


Jobless, heartbroken, living on my mom’s couch. I needed a way to discreetly alert my friends that I was being consumed by the nagging disappointment I call my life.

Then it hit me: The best way to express the pain I felt was through brooding and melancholy song lyrics. I knew what had to be done. I posted Morrissey lyrics on Facebook for a month. But despite this obvious cry for help, none of my friends called to check on me.