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Sunny -
27 August 2016

Morrissey would like to say a loving goodbye to Sunny (pictured here with Morrissey and Nancy), who was relieved of her pain this morning after a beautiful life.

UPDATE Aug. 28:

From Mark - earlier Tweets from @NancySinatra:

Images from an anonymous person (UPDATE Aug. 28 - these images are excerpts from the technical rider, not the full rider):

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WHAT IS THE APPEAL OF MORRISSEY IN 2016? - Noisey/Music by Vice
By Daniel Dylan Wray

The name Morrissey means a lot of things to a lot of different people, ranging drastically on a scale of icon to moron. Whilst his contributions to music, both through The Smiths and as a solo artist, have been undeniably huge, new levels of exacerbation are reached with every new Mozza interview, public statement or general reappearance he makes.
Out next week, hopefully some stuff on The Smiths!
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An anonymous person sends word that Morrissey has signed to new management recently - Three Six Zero.

He is already listed on the Three Six Zero music roster page and photo posted on Instagram:

Music journalist Melinda Newman has interviewed 80s superstar Rick Astley for Rolling Stone following his sold out LA concert.

During the interview, Astley mentions his love for The Smiths:

Age has made me think I have to stop giving a shit what anybody else thinks and do exactly what I want to do, so one day I'm going to do a gig in Manchester where I'm going to sing [all] Smiths songs because I absolutely love the Smiths. I'll probably get lynched for it, but I just want to do it. Why not?

The full interview can be read online.